Ask Yourself These 8 Questions To Drive Millenials To Your Wedding Business

The average of women getting are married is about 27. Men are slightly older at 29. This majority group of engage Millenials are making new type of choices in their wedding planning, due to their adaptation to new technologies, it’s constantly evolving. Here’s what you really need to know.

1. They want to be a part of the wedding planning process and love customization.

a. Millennials grew up being bombarded by advertisements and marketing strategies. Therefore, they’re aware that there are tons of viable products and services in your industry out there – and they’re looking for the business that provides personalization and products/services that are tailor-made. While word of mouth is important to them, word of mouse is even more important to Millennials. That is, they spend countless hours researching every detail and options online. Millennials expect more. So, it’s up to you to solve the challenge of bringing in a level of customization and personalization into your wedding business. Ask yourself this:

b. How can your wedding business be customized? What can “personalization” mean?

c. How can you communicate via your website and social media outlets that your business understands them individually?

2. They want to make a difference in the world.

a. Many Millenials feel personally responsible for making a difference in the world and especially their direct community. They’re frustrated with the government and have turned to businesses to solve some of society’s worst problems. To add to that, they believe that a business means more than just profit. They want companies to address sustainability, climate change, income equality, and other issues that affect their lives and future. They want your business to contribute and give back. Ask yourself this:

b. How is your business creating positive partnerships with organizations Millennials care about?

c. What would be effective ways to highlight the good things your brand is already doing?

3. They want to be connected to your brand.

a. This one’s a no brainer. Millennials grew up in a more connected world than Baby Boomers. The oldest participated in online chat rooms with their friend on AOL Instant Messenger. But Millennials crave to connect off the internet too. They want to connect with the people and brands that are most important in their lives. They’re more likely to interact with wedding businesses that are more “human” than other brands – meaning that you interact with them. More importantly, they want you to listen to what they have to say. Ask yourself this:

b. In what ways are you connecting with Millennials?

c. What do you see others doing to connect that you find really powerful?

4. They are adventurous.

a. Millenials are selling everything they own and buying a campervan. They’re finishing school and backpacking through Europe. Some are taking to off-grid living and disconnecting from the world for a bit. But there is more to their adventurousness than just mid or long term travel. Millenials look for excitement in their daily lives – whether it’s a new restaurant in town or an upcoming technology. They’re more likely to try new things or adapt to change. They want their lives to be exciting – even if that excitement comes in small bits throughout their day. Ask yourself this:

b. What sorts of surprising or exciting twists can your brand offer to spice things up for Millennials?

c. How can your business tap into Millennials’ love for adventure?

These insights and questions are posted to help you market your wedding business better to Millenials. But keep in mind that this is just one snapshot in the lives of a group of consumers that are just as likely to abandon something new as they are to adopt. They’re a moving target and often change their minds faster than many of us can keep up with. Besides marketing to couples, survey them and invite dialog with actual wedding couples and get a sense of their consumer behavior and where they’re heading to next. The future of your business depends on this.

About the author:

Brian Lawrence
Brian Lawrence owned wedding businesses that worked with over 10,000 wedding couples and was the VP of a leading national wholesale wedding brand. He has done marketing, web design, and marketing consulting for hundreds of local wedding vendors, e-commerce sites, and wholesale brands. He is a known wedding industry focused author, columnist, and speaker. He and his team have developed software for wedding businesses to reach wedding couples and other vendors on Instagram called WedFan,