Give Your Website A Fresh Face

OK gang, please raise your hand if you have updated images and a sizable amount of text on your business website in the last year or so!I thought not {I hear CRICKETS!!!!}.

The truth about most small businesses is most of us did not get into whatever it is we do in the wedding industry to do things like business accounting or managing a website. Your website is for most people out of sight out of mind. We launch it, and it sells our business 24/7. Hopefully, people fill out the form, email us or call.

But, that’s not always the case; are the number of leads or inquiries you are getting slowing down?

Prospective clients need to find your business, and your website is a huge part of that. If your website comes up on page one or two of search engines, it’s hopefully driving consistent traffic and inquiries to you.

But what if you’re not on page 1 or 2?

A website that doesn’t have enough text or text that is well written with keywords that prospective clients are searching for might not be selling you as well as you’d think. Search engines continually catalog newly posted content by looking for content with search terms their users are inputting, and if you’re not updating your site, you’re missing out.

The easiest way to feed search engines, add to your search engine visibility, and engage prospective clients and local media is to blog! Most importantly a blogging platform that is built as part of your website.

Blogging is easy; it’s a short story, its goal is to entertain and engage. Blogging well is the perfect opportunity to sell you and your business to engaged couples, and when written well keeps search engines picking up your new content making it easier for interested customers to find your company.

Good blogging is a mix of well-curated images that tell your story, the right amount of text to tell that story; too much and you lose readers interest and too little, and you don’t engage. To feed search engines, you want to weave keywords, and phrases couples are searching for in your market and your profession.

Blogging consistently, I suggest once a week but every other week should be the absolute minimum; keeps the fires stoked, works to brand you as an expert in your industry and makes the sales process less taxing because prospective clients feel like they already know you and what you do.

Would you go back to your favorite magazine or website month after month if it articles were the same if they posted photos that all looked the same and didn’t tell you what they are? Ever notice that Real Weddings features to mix up the looks of the weddings, of the couples and the details?

Mixing up content to showcase your team, clients, awards and community partnerships provides you a lot of content ideas, engages readers and gives you the opportunity to develop a larger number of keywords and search terms too.

Blogging is a consistent new fresh face. So, Freshen up!

About the author:

Mark Kingsdorf
Mark Kingsdorf is the owner of St Petersburg Florida based Wedding Ghost, a ghost blogging and web content company working exclusively with wedding, event and hospitality professionals. He is one of 65 Master Wedding Planners in the world, a Certified Same Sex Wedding Specialist, was the founder of Philadelphia based “The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants”, Wish Upon A Wedding Philadelphia and has been a contributor to Emily Post Institute, major wedding magazines and websites as well as many wedding an event industry conferences.