Millennials, Social Media and You

When Elvis Presley came along, parents rolled their eyes at their kids for liking him. How could they listen to this noise? Those same kids grew up, had kids of their own. Those kids then listened to glam rock and Led Zeppelin.How can anyone listen to that noise, the Elvis fans wondered?

And so on and so on.

Generations have been stymying each other since time began, confusing each other with their tastes and habits. And, in one’s personal life, its not all that important to ‘get’ the other generation. Everyone can agree to disagree.

But in business? The wedding business? It’s absolutely critical. Couples who are 20 or even 30 years younger than you need your help with their wedding! And you need their business. So you must learn how to speak their language and communicate with them…on their own terms.

To speak “Millennial” you need to be fluent in their native language: Social Media.

Here are a few ways to make sure you are giving them what they want, on the correct platforms:


They look to Facebook for news. So give it to them! When you are putting together your Facebook strategy, don’t limit yourself to pretty photos of your products. ??

Give your opinions on celebrity weddings and wedding planning. Talk about the newest wedding trends. Write blog posts about these topics and post about them on Facebook and you’ll pull those ‘news seekers” to your website.

They look to Facebook for entertainment. So give them fun things to “play” with. Interactive wedding quizzes, funny wedding videos. Offer prizes for winners of scavenger hunts on your site for certain images or phrases. ??

Encourage them to go to your site, look for something and come back to Facebook and report in the comments. They want to have fun, so give them something to play with!

They look to Facebook to connect and socialize. Find communities! See out active bridal groups and get active. Offer your advice, your opinions and give them the conversation they are looking for.


They look to Twitter to see what’s trending. This is where they monitor what everyone else is talking about. No one wants to be ‘out of the loop.’ So you should be monitoring what’s trending in weddings on Twitter and let that guide what you blog about that week. ??

Even if it’s a quick 5-6-sentence blog with great images, you can and should post one quickly and make sure you tweet about it. Then tag it with a trending hashtag.


They look to YouTube for instant, no-patience-required entertainment. Waiting to download a video before watching it is out of the question to this want-it-now generation. So is paying for a video! So think of content that they’d otherwise have to download, pay for, or sit through ads to consume. ??

Wedding DIY projects, real bride stories, etc. Things you know that bridal viewers love to watch on cable TV…but without all the interrupting commercials. It could be worth the investment.

They look to YouTube to give them guidance, portably. This is a fantastic opportunity. Imagine being able to ‘go with them’ while they shop for wedding dresses or flowers. Having a YouTube video with them on their smartphone can replicate the experience of having a wise advisor by their side. ??

Go shopping yourself, have someone film you talking into the camera about why you are making the decisions you are making. Then encourage your bride to ‘bring you along’ when she herself goes shopping. A perfect use for this channel!

About the author:

Jayne HallockJayne Hallock is part writer, part marketer and all passion when it comes to content strategy. She’s helped brands like The Home Depot, Kate Aspen and many others connect consumers to companies by using fresh, interesting, useful content. With 19 years writing experience to her credit – not to mention founding and running the successful wedding marketing program WedLock Magazine – she feels she’s only getting started. Jayne’s thrilled to be bringing what she’s learned about marketing to brides to the Perfect Wedding Guide vendors.