The New Millennium: Attracting the Millennial Bride

First things first. What – exactly – is the definition of a “Millennial?” You hear that term thrown around so much but what does it really, truly mean?According to Wikipedia, “Millennials (also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends. Most researchers and commentators use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.”

That’s a pretty broad range, isn’t it? It’s essentially a full generation of people. Young people! Anyone over the age of 15 and under the age of 35 could qualify as a Millennial.

Perhaps more important than what specific age they are, it’s critical to know what they want. Does it differ than what an older bride might want? The general marketing consensus is yes. Catering to an older bride can be different than dealing with Millennials.

Here’s a quick list of the ways that millennial brides are different than older brides and what you can do to attract them!

Be Affordable: You may feel like people just aren’t willing to spend money on weddings like they are used to. You may even chalk it up to younger couples being too cheap or too picky. But think about it –  years ago, it was much more common for couples to have family help in paying their wedding bills.

Not so any longer. More and more young couples are ponying up the cash themselves! Add in the fact that most of them are just starting out in their careers and don’t have as much money as an older engaged couple, and you start to understand why they might need to be a little tighter with their budgets!  So offer simpler, more affordable options for your millennial couples.

Teamwork: Lose the old, bad habit of talking about and dealing with just the bride. More and more grooms are getting involved in the planning as well. By talking about her wishes and “her big day” you risk alienating the groom. You also risk looking old fashioned and sexist.

Open Your Mind: Same sex marriages are here to stay, after the recent ruling by the Supreme Court. If you can’t get past that fact, then maybe the Millennial market isn’t for you. Even if the younger couple is a male and female, if they find out you don’t like being involved in same sex marriages, they could pass you up in solidarity to their LGBT friends.

Be Smart: As in smartphones. Your millennial couple may not even own a desktop computer or laptop. They probably don’t have landlines. They might prefer texting before you even chat with them on the phone. (That’s rarefied air these days!) So get used to doing all your marketing and communicating via their mobile device.

Be Quick: This couple grew up in an instant-gratification world. You need to be lightning fast in your response time. If they send you an email on Friday and you don’t reply until Monday, you probably have lost them. If you are lucky enough to get them texting you, text them back immediately.  That’s what they are used to and what they expect and if you aren’t quickly responsive before they hire you, they’ll worry you will be even less so once you have closed the deal.

About the author:

Jayne HallockJayne Hallock is part writer, part marketer and all passion when it comes to content strategy. She’s helped brands like The Home Depot, Kate Aspen and many others connect consumers to companies by using fresh, interesting, useful content. With 19 years writing experience to her credit – not to mention founding and running the successful wedding marketing program WedLock Magazine – she feels she’s only getting started. Jayne’s thrilled to be bringing what she’s learned about marketing to brides to the Perfect Wedding Guide vendors.