Links play a critical role in SEO.

When another website links to our website or when wedding professionals gets other websites to link to their website, it is like casting a vote. Generally, the more links to a website the easier a website will rank in Google. Why? Because more links, specifically from multiple domains, increases the website’s domain authority. Sites with greater domain authority are considered to be more relevant to the search engines because other websites, by virtue of linking to the site, have deemed the site relevant.

Nonetheless, not all link are created equal. Having or versus link to your website would would impute significantly more domain authority because of the sheer domain authority of the former compared to the latter. Conversely, getting links from low quality websites (i.e. link farms, directory links, etc.) will have negative consequences on a site’s domain authority and may result in a ranking penalty. A ranking penalty will demote the website’s rankings until the corrective action (i.e. getting the linking website to remove the links, etc.) has been taken.

Since links play such an important role in ranking in the search engines, there may be a temptation to simply buy links from linking building brokers to quickly improve rankings. Do not succumb to that temptation. Buying links will most certainly backfire since most of the link brokers typically use low quality sites which are not favored by the search engines. The correct approach is to use manual efforts. This means rolling up your sleeves and contacting potential sites within or related to your industry and providing them an incentive to link to your website. The best incentive is unique content especially if you are targeting blogs. You are a wedding professional, an expert in the wedding export; consider the tips, advice, and insights that needs to be shared to potential customers and peers.


Rick Caldwell

Rick Caldwell, VP of Technology, has worked in the IT industry since 1996. Prior to PWG, Rick worked a Consumer Source as a Technical Lead under the,,, and divisions. His leadership was instrumental in bridging the gap between print and on-line products. He attended Tennessee State University where he pursued a degree in a Computer Science. He also received a Business Administration degree at American Intercontinental University. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, hiking, camping, and traveling to exotic locations around the world. He also active volunteers mentoring at-risk youth and facilitates the development of adult career exploration programs in partnership with religious organizations in the Atlanta area.