Win a Bride Over with the Power of Name-Dropping

Sometimes when you connect with local vendors for referrals, it might not always generate new business despite both of your good intentions. But even though this may be the case, you can still use your familiarity of each other to your advantage. So let’s talk about how to win a bride over with the power of name dropping.

When a bride is planning her wedding, she of course wants everything to go smoothly. Ideally, all of the wedding vendors will work together as a team and hopefully have worked together before at her venue of choice. So if a bride understands that you’ve worked with a particular vendor before or are familiar with vendors she has chosen, it will make her feel more comfortable hiring you.

After you’ve connected with the bride or groom on the phone, connect with them via Facebook or email. You can also ask if they have a Wedding Vendor/Planning list. Discovering who they’ve hired is insightful because it gives you an idea of their style and budget. Furthermore, it also increases your mental database of companies that you can namedrop. And if you want to take it a step further, you can approach these same companies with the knowledge that you share a customer for networking purposes.

Now that the bride knows you’re familiar with some or all of her vendors, you’ll become an even more important resource to her. So the next time you’re speaking with a potential client, utilize your mental database of companies. Ask the bride who they’ve hired for different categories and be sure to ask where her wedding will be held. When she tells you who she’s hired, you can create a sense of comfort by mentioning people that work there and saying a positive note about the place and person to show your familiarity and symbiotic relationship.

This proven strategy enhances your rapport and wealth of knowledge with the bride. But more importantly, it creates a perception of credibility. This means the bride is more likely to place trust in your knowledge because of your experience working with other businesses that they’ve placed trust in.

This strategy really works, but it takes time and work. Here’s how to start the process:

1. Start connecting and interacting with a lot of companies.

a. Try not to be phony or artificial about your approach. People appreciate honesty and genuine interactions.

2. This may sound archaic, but collect business cards and start connecting with these individuals on LinkedIn.

a. You can even give each other referrals or commend each other for skills in the industry to make each others profile stronger.

3. Spend some time committing these names and companies to memory.

a. This will make you sound smoother when talking with the bride. With all that continues to change in the strategic plan of how to win new customers, name dropping will never become outdated.

About the author:

Brian Lawrence
Brian Lawrence owned wedding businesses that worked with over 10,000 wedding couples and was the VP of a leading national wholesale wedding brand. He has done marketing, web design, and marketing consulting for hundreds of local wedding vendors, e-commerce sites, and wholesale brands. He is a known wedding industry focused author, columnist, and speaker. He and his team have developed software for wedding businesses to reach wedding couples and other vendors on Instagram called WedFan,