2020 Trends in Bridal Makeup

2020 Trends in Bridal Makeup

What is the newest, hottest, most copy worthy collection of 2020 trends in bridal makeup?

  • COLOR!
  • BROWS!

That seems like it could be a lot and maybe even a contradiction in terms doesn’t it? Let’s take the trends one and a time and break them down!


You’ll see COLOR introduced in various places, not all at once! For example a bold lip color, maybe in a berry tone may take the focus with a bit of added shimmer. Using a strong brow, the rest of the face needs only a bit of polish and a natural look.


Continuing to make an appearance in bridal is the bold, eye framing brow. When the brow game is strong, matched with that bold lip, it’s easy (and imperative) that the rest of the face is muted. We hear from brides that a strong brow can be difficult to achieve and intimidating. Our suggestion is that you visit the brow counter at your favorite beauty store and have them show you how it’s done. You’ll find that having your eyebrows professionally shaped first is the best step to insure your brow success! Some brow shapers we just love:

MAC Eyebrow Styler- Stylized
Urban Decay Brow Blade
Anastasia Beverly Hills


While shimmer can light up your face, it also requires a subtle touch. A shimmery eyeshadow might dictate that the rest of your face remain matte, likewise if you choose a shimmery highlighter on your cheek your eyeshadow should be more subtle. Experiment with the best balance for you. As always, we suggest you contact a professional hair and makeup artist experienced in bridal to show you what they think is right for you. Having a trial with a pro is never money wasted!

Some shimmers we love:

NARS Hardwired- Melrose
Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette
Uptown Girl
Bare Minerals Endless Glow Highlighter
Benefit High Beam

Berry Tints! Bold Lips!

One of the best ways to introduce a berry tint is in the bold lipcolor. You can light up your face with a berry color in a tone that compliments your coloring and that balances off a strong brow. The right berry tone will set off a natural cheek and eye and will light up your face. Take your time and audition berry tones that are best for you!

Some of the lip colors we love:

Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Hydrating Shaping Lipcolor – Crushed Rose
MAC Satin Lipstick in Amorous
Clinique Dramatically Different Lipstick Shaping Lip Colour in Raspberry Glace

Natural Beauty!

Choosing a natural face means a foundation that is matte or lightly dewy, that shows off your natural beauty without a heavy look. You want to have a face that is a blank canvas for your cheek color, a gentle highlighter and that will allow the frame of your brows and the pop of your lips to work together to be YOU—– and gorgeous!

As always the best foundation matches your skin color, it doesn’t look too shiny or too matte— it looks like you (but better!) Most importantly, especially for bridal makeup, it must have staying power. Oily skin types might benefit from a setting or finishing powder.

Products we love:

Perfecting Skin Tint
Sheer Glow Foundation
Bare Minerals
Bare Pro Performance Wear

Whatever your wedding day look will be, experiment and have fun. Do your research, play at the makeup counter and as always, consult an experienced makeup pro.

Don’t wait until the last minute to have your bridal makeup plan finalized! Start early, try a lot of different brands and play with as many different looks as you can.

Pro Tip: Sometimes the makeup look you don’t think you want to try can end up being the one you choose in the end!

And always ALWAYS ask people you trust for their opinion. This group of family and friends will not steer you wrong if it’s wrong for you, they’ll tell you!

We can’t wait to see you glow!


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