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Bride and groom intimate photo

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Mark Fierst Photography

Beer over wine. Carnivore over herbivore. Funny over serious. Sarcastic over boring. Butter over margarine. Chicago over New York. Star Wars over Star Trek. City over country. Pie over cake. Starbucks over Caribou. Instagram over Facebook. Movies over books. Fall over spring. Bacon over everything. This isn’t a dating ad, and, no, I’m not describing […] Read more…

twin cities bride and bridesmaid event

Getting Married in Minnesota | Bridal Wars

Remember in high school and college, when you and your friends would play games, competing in tug-o-war and such? There was always an opportunity for prizes and for gut-busting laughter? Well, just because you’re getting married, doesn’t mean you can’t still have that! Actually on the contrary, you’re wedding day should be jam packed with […] Read more…

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