Are Two Dresses Better than One?

From Chrissy Teigen to Meghan Markle, it really seems that having multiple wedding dresses is a trend that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. When it comes to wedding dress shopping, the question isn’t only “which one” but “how many?”

There are many perks to having two dresses, but there are also many perks to having one. At the end of the day, whatever you choose will be beautiful!

Two Dresses vs. One


Styles: When it comes to different styles of wedding gowns, the possibilities are nearly endless. Can’t make up your mind between princess ball gown or sleek mermaid style? Choose both!

Weather: If you’re going from indoors for ceremony to outdoors for reception or the other way around, having two dresses might be more ideal to fit both of these locations.

Theming: Having a traditional church wedding followed by a festive, themed reception? Get two dresses to fit each!

Choreographed First Dance: Planning a choreographed first dance and not sure how to do it in your gown? Slip into something more appropriate for the dance floor! 

Photos: With two different dresses, you’ll have a variety of looks for photos to choose from later.


Finances: Obviously, purchasing two dresses can cost twice as much. If you are on a tight budget, you may choose to just have one perfect gown.

Timeline: That dress isn’t going to put itself on! If you choose to only have one dress, you don’t have to worry about scheduling time to change dresses (and trying to get someone to help you change carefully).

Tradition: Traditionally, a bride only wears one wedding gown. If being traditional is important to you, then go for it!

Hair and Makeup: If the idea of trying to decide on a hair and makeup look that can go with two dresses makes you stressed beyond belief, then just stick with one! It may not be easy for you to decide on something that you adore and can be versatile enough for two looks.

Photos: On the flip side, your photos will be more consistent if you are only wearing one dress rather than two.

Overall, it really just comes down to what works best for your big day. The good news is, designers are catching on to this trend and are designing dresses that can be worn multiple ways. This might be something to consider looking out for if you want to have two different looks!


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