Arizona Couple Plans Dream Fall-Themed Wedding Only to Have Mother Nature Intervene

Picture this: You’ve just planned your perfect fall outdoor wedding.

You spent months choosing the ideal decorations, colors, dresses, and finally, the day has come! 

You and your fiance are traveling to Washington for your dream fall-themed wedding when suddenly, it’s WINTER. 

Well, that is what happened to Brittany and Sean Tuohy. 

Brittany & Sean Wedding
Photo courtesy of Jaime Denise Photography Facebook Page

Washington natives, the Arizona-based couple wanted to travel back to their home state for their wedding. Choosing their fall wedding date, the couple planned on celebrating their union among the rich, colorful fall backdrop of Washington’s Mount Spokane. 

Upon their arrival, they realized a colorful fall backdrop to their special day was the last thing they were going to be getting.

Wedding photographer Jaime Denise told CBS News that she planned to take Brittany and Sean along with their wedding party to the top of the mountain. There, she was expecting fall colors galore, perfect for her photography vision. 

“The snowfall when I got to the mountain was night and day from what it was in town. It was insane how fast the change was from the start of the road to the lodge,” Denise told CBS News. 

Denise was concerned that the couple would be angry with the weather, but, they were surprisingly chill. 

“We all ran outside and just giggled and took photos as fast as we could. The winds were at least 30 mph, and the blizzard was so intense, so we only got about 10 minutes worth of photos, but it was worth it,” Denise told CBS News. 

Brittany and Sean’s big day was a huge success. It just goes to show that even if things don’t go as planned, it’s all about how you react to the situation.  

You can see more photos from Brittany and Sean’s wedding on Jaime Denise Photography’s website and Facebook page


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