Best TV Proposals We’re Still Not Over


Next to dog and cat commercials, what has us crying the most? Fictional television proposals of course! 

You know the moment we’re talking about. You’re knee deep into a fictional Shonda Rhimes plot or binging an entire season on Netflix and then BAM! You’re smack dab in the middle of your best friend’s…we mean…a fictional character’s life-changing proposal. 

With so many favorite shows, it was hard to make this list, but we tried our best. Here are the best TV proposals we’re still NOT over.

Leslie Knope & Ben Wyatt

1. Leslie Knope & Ben Wyatt

We were not ready. Just five seasons into our favorite show since The Office, we were not ready for Ben Wyatt to get down on one knee and confess his love to Leslie. Not only was it the BIGGEST ring box we’d ever seen (seriously, it could have been a necklace, we really weren’t sure) but it was all too perfect when Leslie, true to character form, interrupts Ben’s proposal to, “remember this,” and then the couple proceeds to look around the room and take it all in. It’s okay though, because we all needed that minute to collect ourselves and get more tissues. 

Pretty Little Liars

2. Aria Montgomery & Ezra Fitz

This one was a LONG time coming. Between dating her high school English teacher and being threatened by a stalker/psycho for 6+ years, Aria had her hands pretty full, but somehow we always knew, hoped and flat out tweeted at the writers that this proposal HAD to happen. Just one candle away from a fire hazard, Ezra suited up for the occasion, while Aria just looked confused, which is why we may or may not have been yelling, “we know you know what’s happening right now Aria, don’t act dumb!” at the screen. Nevertheless, this proposal hit us right in the feels, as Ezra puts his English degree to good use, explicitly telling Aria he doesn’t, “ever want to let her go.” 

3. Meredith Grey & Derek Shepard 

Let’s be honest, this was one union we saw coming from the start, but with Shonda Rhimes, you really just never know. From the moment the elevator doors open in Season 5, episode 19, we knew things would never be the same. As Derek takes Meredith on a journey of all of the lives they’ve saved together, we all realized we should be dating and or married to a doctor. Or at least we feel that way until he doesn’t get down on one knee and he actually never asks Meredith to marry him…but we let that go, because well, he’s McDreamy, duh. Number one take away from this proposal? Don’t take the stairs. 

Kurt Hummel & Blaine Anderson

4. Kurt Hummel & Blaine Anderson

As in true Glee fashion, the proposal of Blaine Anderson to Kurt Hummel was freaking fantastic, completely stylish, and with song. As Blaine leads Kurt through the mansion, he sees all of his loved ones and is simultaneously serenaded by them, which is for sure on our vision board. The beautiful moment comes to a crescendo when Kurt reaches the bottom of a grand staircase and Blaine tells Kurt it feels as if he’s known him in every lifetime (swoon) and pops the question in the very place they first met.

5. Blair Waldorf & Chuck Bass

Okay, this is a love and hate relationship. After wishing we’d been born on the Upper East Side and getting thrown around by the mysterious Gossip Girl, we FINALLY got our closure on the Blair and Chuck saga during the very final episode of Gossip Girl. A love story that had been blooming and dysfunctional since Season One, dedicated fans had been pushed and pulled on a rollercoaster of emotions, but we all breathed a sigh of relief when Chuck finally proposed to Blair to keep himself from going to prison for killing his father…a true Bass proposal. XOXO, you know we loved it. 

Monica Gellar's Apartment

6. Monica Gellar & Chandler Bing

“The One with the Proposal,” we were treated to a refreshing change of roles as Monica proposed to Chandler in Season Six of Friends. As Chandler walked into Monica’s apartment, we knew something was up (mostly because of all of the candles…maybe that’s where Ezra go the idea) but that didn’t stop us from being glued to the screen as Monica got down on her knees and attempted, through tears to profess her love to Chandler, which ended in Chandler getting on his knees and doing the same. This is one relationship that will never need a break. (Yes Ross & Rachel, we’re looking at you)

Willow and Tara

7. Willow Rosenberg & Tara Maclay

Perhaps one of the most iconic scenes in the Buffy serious, the Season Five dance between Willow and Tara, had us completely memorized. Technically this was not an official proposal moment, but as the couple dances, they begin to profess their love for one another and we literally just can’t. In fact, as we’re writing this, we are also writing a petition to Buffy’s creator, Joss Whedon, and petitioning him to confirm that Willow and Tara would indeed have married as soon as Gay marriage became legal…At least in our minds, they are forever together, magically. 

Jim and Pam Wedding

8. Pam Beesly & Jim Halpert

Who would have thought the proposal we had all been waiting for would take place at a gas station. Apparently, Jim did. When Jim meets Pam halfway, he decides it’s time to go all the way and ask her to marry him. As the rain poured, so did the tears from our eyes as Jim asked Pam to spend the rest of her life with him. 

There you have it; a list of the best TV proposals we’re still not over. Really though, we’re out of tissues and chocolate in the office just writing this. 

Best Television Proposals We're Still Not Over


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