Choosing the Right Wedding Invitations

Choosing the Right Wedding Invitations

Once upon a time there weren’t a lot of choices for wedding invitations. Imagine that! Invitations of old had four choices!

  • Engraved
  • Printed to ‘look’ engraved
  • White
  • Ivory

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a simple white or ecru engraved invitation. Totally classic for all the ages. The OG of wedding invitations.

Thankfully, the choice for wedding invitations has blown up! There are far more choices than the color of the invitation and the style of the text. Actually, there are many MANY choices for you to choose from. (Maybe too many???)

With so many choices how do you know where to start? Who to use? Feeling overwhelmed yet???

Remember that wedding board you’ve been working on? Start there! What is the general theme of your wedding? Is it traditional or original? Which invitation style will best represent YOU, and the feeling of your wedding? Invitations are the FIRST thing your guests will see about your Big Day, it’s important that this first glance will build expectations (and being gorgeous doesn’t hurt!)

A wedding invitation style that might have caught your eye last season, or from a wedding you attended, or that your Mom loves—- may not be the wedding invitation that ends up as your top pick.

Many vendors provide great invitations:

We always suggest to try to shop small and stay local first. Great service, excellent products, unparalleled knowledge and the money stays in your local community and serves small business.

From Alicia at On Three Designs (winner at the St. Louis Vendors Choice awards in the category of Stationery, Calligraphy & Invitations) come some really great tips to putting your best foot forward with your invitations:

Alicia Lantsky

1. First impressions: Your invitations are your guest’s first indication of what type of event they’ll be attending. Is it a black tie affair, a casual beach wedding, a themed fete? Without stating it literally (unless, of course, it’s a black tie wedding), your invitations should reflect your overall wedding style and vibe. This will clue guests into a lot of information that may otherwise have questions about – a more formal invitation may indicate cocktail attire or black tie while a fun, whimsical watercolor invitation may be a better fit for a romantic, outdoor wedding. 

2. Personalization: The best part about hiring a custom stationery designer to create your invitations is having unlimited potential for personalizing your invitations. Even a very formal, traditional wedding can be made more “you” by sneaking in little details. Maybe include an icon or custom drawing of your pet, have a custom monogram created just for you, include a custom map with hand-drawn illustrations of places of importance to you and your spouse-to-be. With custom stationery the options to make your invitations unique are endless!

Alicia Lantsky

Some obstacles that couples face:

1. Etiquette: Wedding etiquette is one of the more difficult parts of the wedding stationery process. Considering many couples may not have encountered proper etiquette in their day-to-day life, much of it can seem foreign and confusing. We go to great lengths to make sure that our couples are armed with all of the information they’ll need in our welcome packets and wording templates. This ensures that pulling together addresses and your invitation wording is as simple of a process as can be. 

2. Direction: Some of my couples come to their initial consultation meeting with a very clear and concise idea of what they want. On the other hand, there are also many who have absolutely no clue what they want their invitations to look like but they know that they haven’t been able to find it online. This is when a custom stationery designer is able to really shine! We’re able to take very little direction and come up with something that will blow our clients away. We take time and care to listen to our clients, get to know them on a personal level and help them to discover their style, even if they weren’t aware they had one.

Shannon Dugan Photography

Thanks Alicia!

Choosing your wedding invitations should be fun! Find an invitation (or suite) that reflects your vision. It’s the first chance your guests have a chance to get to know what’s in store for them at your wedding!

Alicia Lantsky

We can’t wait to see what you choose!

Coming up what is the “correct” way to invite guests to your wedding? How should you determine what text to use on your invitation, now that you’ve chosen the style itself? See you soon and we’ll chat all about it!


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