Choosing your Wedding/Reception Venue

Choosing your Wedding/Reception Venue

In this third part of a series about choosing your wedding reception venue we pick up where we left off. Part One covered choosing your Reception Only venue, Part Two handled choosing your Ceremony Only venue, and in this installment we’ll discuss choosing a venue for your wedding that can handle both the ceremony as well as the reception,

These venues cover a lot of ground as they’re in urban locations, country barns, beaches and recreational sites as well as in small and large hotels and resorts.

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Again we start with the number of wedding guests you would like to invite to your celebration. Having this number will tell you where you can start looking for a location that will allow all of your guests to comfortably fit.

  • Gone to some extent is the wedding reception in the church basement or hall—- but those weddings do still take place and allow a beautiful place to celebrate with family and friends. We have heard from a lot of couples during this time of Covid-19 that couples are choosing to wait until after the stay at home orders are lifted and use their family church and it’s facilities because other options are hard to find.
  • State Parks, lakes, beaches, etc. offer some couples the ability to hold a reception if they’re looking for that vibe. Check necessary permits and fees.
  • A combination venue allows a couple to really express themselves offering a unique way to offer guests a themed wedding.
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  • Outdoor combo venues mean giving extra consideration to the comfort of your guests and wedding party. Is it easy to move from the site of the ceremony to the reception itself?
  • Are there plenty of restrooms that are easy to get to?
  • How is the available parking?
  • Do you require transportation?
  • Have you provided bug spray, fans, water, etc?
  • Who is bringing the reception food and beverages to your guests? Do they have adequate space to safely set up and serve?
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  • Do the two of you feel comfortable there? Does this location match your style + vibe?
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Maybe you’re thinking of a hotel or resort to host your wedding? Inquire about dates early as they book up quickly.

NOTE: During the time of this writing as Covid-19 impacts weddings all around the country, many hotels and resorts have rescheduled months worth of weddings and securing a date is extremely difficult.

  • Does your hotel/resort have separate spaces for the ceremony and reception?
  • If they will be doing a “room flip”, how long will this take and what are the plans to occupy your guests?
  • Do they offer room blocks for your guests?
  • Do they require a wedding planner?
  • Will you have a dedicated hotel/resort employee to liason with you about your wedding? What happens in the event that this person ends her employment with the hotel/resort?
  • What is their rain/weather policy if any portion is to be held outside?
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  • Is there a special place/room for the couple to tuck themselves away if need be for some quiet time?
  • Is there a requirement to use the hotel/resort list of vendors? Can you bring in your own choices for wedding pros? If so, is there an additional cost to do so?
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  • Will the hotel/resort allow you to bring in your own personalized decor items?

Lastly, we’re going to suggest that no matter where or how you celebrate your wedding——

Get Wedding Insurance!!!

We have discovered that in almost all cases, wedding insurance will not protect you against a pandemic, but it WILL protect you for many of the things that could go awry causing a delay or cancellation in your event that could have catastrophic financial repercussions. Use the Google machine and make a few calls, it’s time (and money) very well spent!

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Remember what is important, now and always. It isn’t the PLACE you get married or hold your reception. It’s the fact that you’re MARRIED, to each other. That is where the celebration truly is!


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