Covid-19 Wedding Advice

Covid-19 Wedding Advice

Bobbi Brinkman Photography

For many of our friends in the wedding industry, both couples as well as our fantastic wedding professionals, we’ve been doing this isolation thing for what feels like forever! But we’re IN IT, for each other, right? Sometimes it’s a struggle to remember what day of the week it is, or to continue to be sad that there are no sports, no Broadway, no visiting with our loved ones. Weddings and wedding planning are a category to themselves as it means changing what should be one of the happiest and most exciting time in your life. But we change, we adapt, we adjust knowing that it will be alright in the end.

Wedding couples—-

  • have you had to cancel or reschedule your wedding?
  • are you finding this easy to accomplish or do you need some help?

We’ve heard from a lot of you that things have changed, but that you’re keeping positive while you work on that change. Donna from TX says, “my vendors have all been great. It’s been a lot of back and forth with everybody to find future dates that work for us all, but I finally have a new wedding date!” “Mike + Cindy from GA say “It took a long time to try and find a date where my whole group of vendors could stay the same. We were sad not to be able to reschedule with them all, but for the most part we’re moving ahead.”

Wedding Pros are working diligently to help their couples during this difficult time of planning. Rob, a DJ from NJ adds, “It’s been exhausting to reschedule so many dates! For the most part we’ve done that with only a few cancellations.

Jess + Kim, wedding photographers from Charlotte sent out a compassionate and helpful email to their couples, and we share it, in part, with their kind permission and by way of disclaimer, the information in it pertains ONLY to their company!

“We’re seeing it everywhere, in every avenue, and if you’ve seen our Instagram story, you’ve seen us trying to make as much light of the situation as possible 😛 However, we realize that it’s not really a joking matter, and in light of major nationwide things closing today, we can only imagine how stressful this is to anyone planning a wedding.

We want to do our part to make things as easy as possible on you all… our friends and our clients. So, we’ve created a coronavirus action plan. And thrown in some tips and advice as well.

Our goal is to be understanding, easy-to-work-with, and flexible during all this COVID-19 chaos. We operate our photography business with core values of honesty, transparency, and respect. Your health and wellbeing are our absolute TOP priority. We want to help ease your minds going forward, so you have one less thing to worry about at this time.

We are keeping up to date with all WHO and CDC recommendations and their travel advisories. We are also receiving local updates daily from local news to be aware of how the virus is impacting Charlotte and North Carolina. We are also keeping a close eye on our own health to make sure we don’t contract the virus or spread it.

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How WE will help

  • We will wash our hands thoroughly before every wedding/photoshoot and avoiding touching our face during sessions.
  • We won’t shake your hand or hug you when we meet. We can awkwardly wave or elbow bump like cool kids, haha.
  • We will not touch you, and we will keep a 5 ft distance if possible during sessions unless you request a specific shot that requires us to get closer. We will choose lenses that lets us stay a little further away.
  • We will give you the option to Skype or facetime instead of meet over drinks/dinner in person.
  • We will be honest and up front with you about our own health and our travel schedule.
  • We will minimize our personal exposure to large events, sick people, and crowded places as much as possible.

Coronavirus tips and advice

  • Don’t panic! We’ll get through this!
  • Wash your hands more frequently, for 20+ seconds. And don’t touch your face (I know, so hard right!?)
  • Be honest with others about your health and travel. Be honest with yourself. Now is not the time to pretend like you are healthy if you are feeling off. Stay home. Reschedule stuff.
  • For all of you with weddings this year, if you have event event insurance, check to see if it covers anything impacted by the Coronavirus. A lot of insurance companies are sneaky and they will NOT cover stuff. It’s good to know now!
  • If your wedding is sooner than later, keep your guests posted about ways you can help them! Post on your wedding website about the virus situation in the wedding location, and tell sick guests to PLEASE stay home. Tell people what precautions you will be taking as their wedding host. Keep them updated with travel plans. Communication goes a long way. Use your wedding website as a tool!
  • Include creative COVID-19 precautions during your wedding. Cute hand sanitizers. Maybe rent an extra-large dance floor, so people don’t have to be so close together. Space tables out more. Find ways to be extra hygienic and make people feel safe.
  • Get creative about ways to include people who can’t be there. Worried that your grandparents or immune-compromised guests can’t make it? Find a way to live stream your ceremony and as much of the wedding as possible, so they can watch from afar. Or hire a videographer to capture the day for them to see later. We know a few!
  • Communicate with vendors as much as possible if you are considering postponing your event. The worst thing is to cancel last minute! Most of our businesses will take a huge hit this year from the virus, so preparing for slower cash flow is essential. We are trying our best to help clients, but you can help us too by being super candid about everything!
  • Be open to having a smaller wedding than you originally anticipated. It could be really special! WE love photographing elopements, and I’d be happy to help you plan one instead of a bigger event.
  • Remember, we are all in this together. We are all a little scared. We are all getting hit economically and worried about loved ones getting sick. Be kind. Be understanding. It will go a long way!

We know this is a lot, but we all figured that we should be safe considering all the circumstances. We hope that nothing has to come to this, but better off prepared than scrambling at the last minute. We hope you all stay healthy, and we’ll all get through this together.”

Thanks Jess + Kim for the great information, we all appreciate it!

What can you do to help your wedding pros?

  • Reach out and tell them that they are appreciated! Drop them a text or an email!
  • Pick up a gift card from their business to use later (flowers from your florist, prints or an album from your photographer, etc.)
  • Post a positive review for them saying how great they are during a difficult time!
Bobbi Brinkman Photography

Wedding Pros:

What can you do to support your couples and your community?

  • Stay in touch! One of our favorite ideas is to send a card a week to a couple that needs encouragement
  • Call on your fellow wedding vendors for support, and be support for them.

We are All In This TOGETHER!!”


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