Dear Bridal Party: it’s about the bachelorette party

When the wedding day quickly approaches, it’s important to remember to give the bride-to-be some time to relax and have one final event with all of her closest girlfriends.

When you think of a bachelorette party, usually you think of how you see it in movies, if you know what I mean.

It doesn’t have to be like that, and can be as simple as a day at the winery or a weekend trip to the beach! There are so many ideas and things to do to celebrate no matter on any budget.

Start with the invitations!

Bachelorette Party Invitations - Save the Date for Bachelorette Party

They can be super simple or make them as girly as possible. I’ve seen bridesmaids hand out invitations in the shape of underwear with the bra and panty sizes on them, so the girls know what type of lingerie to get the bride!

Where To?

Next decided what kind of trip you are planning to take.

Maybe it’s a night out in the city to get dinner and drinks then crash at a hotel for the night! Maybe it’s a day at the winery when the sun is shining, and the whole family comes to celebrate you.

Some girls like to take weekend get-away trips to the beach or the mountains. Spa trips are also highly recommended as you count down the days to the wedding! Anything to make the celebrating last longer and spend more time with your girl.


Decorations are one of the best parts of the bachelorette party. Pick a theme, dirty or clean, and go from there! Giant balloons spelling out “Bride” is a must, and anything to make the bride feel more special.

Champagne and matching bridal party T-shirts are also a good idea for photo-ops and not losing each other when you go out. Streamers, fun games, sashes, and gift bags are perfect for the bridal party! Turn it into a photo shoot to share your time, and pre-wedding goodies are also appreciated.

Instagram Worthy

Instagram worthy bachelorette party - take photos of your bachelorette party

Take before and (morning) after photos of all the girls holding a sign with their bridal party title, or how long they’ve known you! Photos of all the girls hungover or with crazy hair and makeup is a hilarious way to remember all the fun you had with them. Another idea is to frame a piece of paper that says “Kiss the MISS goodbye!” and have all your girls kiss it and sign a little note next to it.

No matter how you spend your bachelorette party, as long as the bride is with her closest girlfriends, she will be happy.

Make sure to spoil her on this day!

She is going to be so stressed out and in need of a break. All she wants to do is dress up and spend all the time she can with her girls before she becomes a Mrs. So if anything, book a hotel room, fill it with balloons, hit up the hot tub and sip champagne until the sunrise!


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