Destination Wedding at Hard Rock Los Cabos

Destination Wedding at Hard Rock Los Cabos

We’re excited to bring you some tropical inspiration from Shoreline Destinations. Los Cabos is pure eye-candy deliciousness on every level! Enjoy!

Wedding date: March 2020

Travel advisor: Andrea Norfolk

Shoreline Destinations is a boutique travel agency that specializes in effortless destination weddings, vacations that are #instaworthy, and family getaways that your kids will be talking about for years.

Destination: Los Cabos, Mexico

Resort: Hard Rock Los Cabos

Number of guests: 70

Photographer: Michael Bush Photography

How did you meet? 
I went into PetSmart one day and saw this really cute guy with his adorable Husky. 

I said “Hi! Cute pup.” He replied “Thanks man…” and went about his day. I told a buddy of mine about him, and about three months later, that friend visited. We went to a bar, and Connor was sitting there, talking to the bartender. I pointed him out and told my friend Eric, “That’s him!” My friend immediately walked over and introduced us, and so it began! 

Why did you choose to have a destination wedding?
We have friends and family spread out from Alaska to Florida, so it made the most sense. Plus, who doesn’t love Cabo?

Why did you choose your resort and destination?
We were looking at other resorts when Andrea told us about Hard Rock Los Cabos opening, and the property and price point was perfect for our guests.

Did you add any personal touches to your wedding ceremony?
Oh yeah, a number of them. Being a radio guy, we had fun with customizing our music. Our processional song was “Neville’s Waltz” from Harry Potter (Connor is a HUGE fan). We put together a customized wedding party introduction for each of our party members with a professional voice over guy (a friend and guest) and a clip of a song that was special to that person and our relationship with them. We also bought a white electric guitar for everyone to sign as our guest book (Hard Rock… get it?).

What was your most memorable moment during your ceremony?
Everything was incredible, but I think for both of us it was the speeches our friends and families made during the reception. Connor’s brother and Best Man, Torin (18) wrote and delivered an amazing speech, and my dad, who has never spoken at any of my siblings’ weddings because he doesn’t like public speaking, had everyone in tears when he ended with, “I love you buddy”.

Did you do any activities with your guests?
Since we had people coming from all over, we wanted to make sure that we spent quality time with everyone. We balanced having our own, quality time together with making memories with everyone who came to support us. That was our priority, and we had an absolute blast.

What was the best part about having a destination wedding?
I think our favorite part was, unlike a traditional wedding when its a day and done, this allowed everyone to get to know each other and for us to have a vacation with the most important people in our lives. It was great to spend a few days with everyone instead of trying to cram seeing everyone into a single reception! We took advantage of the open bars every day. 

What was your experience using Shoreline Destinations?
Incredible. I’m (Tony) very particular, and our group had lot of last minute changes and challenges, but Andrea and Ellen were absolutely top notch. We had some technical difficulties along the way, but Shoreline Destinations really saved the day/trip. From helping plan our engagement vacation in 2018 to Unico, to helping plan our special day at Hard Rock Los Cabos from start to finish. Incredible. I cannot wait to plan the Honeymoon with y’all!

Planning a destination wedding?
Let us help you find the perfect location!



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