How Brows Can Completely Change Your Bridal Look

How Brows Can Completely Change Your Bridal Look

No matter your bridal or everyday style, groomed brows are a trusted way to help define your entire makeup look. Strong and bold or fine and delicate, eyebrows frame a bride’s face and actually accentuate her best features. Its true, you def need to know How Brows Can Completely Change Your Bridal Look! So, before you say, “I do,” say “I don’t,” to unkempt eyebrows. It’s easier than you think to achieve eyebrows that flatter and don’t overpower, not only on your special day but any day of the week. Now that sounds like a happily ever after!

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How Brows Can Completely Change Your Bridal Look

Here Comes the Brows

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Once you learn how to shape your brows to flatter your face, you can enjoy that coveted wedding day glow year-round. And, just like the classic dress styles that every bride-to-be models for a room of their favorite female fans, there are surefire eyebrow silhouettes that always get a unanimous ‘thumbs up’.

However, much like wedding makeup don’ts, there are eyebrow faux pas. Eyebrows can enhance facial features in a way that softens and balances a look. If you design too bold of a brow and your facial structure has more delicate features, it might overwhelm the overall aesthetic and keep you from looking like yourself on your special day. If you have stronger facial features, a thin, over-plucked brow could throw off your whole vow vibe.

Thinking of going for a stronger, more glamorous makeup look? Ease up on the brow pencil and avoid dark or angular statement brows. If you’re considering a fresh, natural makeup look, a slightly more groomed and darker brow will better showcase your gorgeous eyes and leave you feeling pleased as punch when the wedding photos finally arrive! To reach a beautiful balance, opt for a more timeless approach    subtly follow the natural contours of your brows, find symmetry with the beginning of your brows, define your arches, and follow through with an appropriate ‘tail’ that ends just shy of the outer corners of your eyes.

Till Death Do You Arch

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Whether your brows are s-shaped, straight, rounded, or ‘uncategorized’, you can totally rock what you’ve got without deviating too far from your comfort zone. When it comes to those elusive ‘super arches’ every woman is trying to achieve, some have that effortless, built-in arch we are all envious of, while others have a less conventional arch. However, the general rule is the more arched your brow, the slimmer your face and cheeks will appear. The fuller and straighter your brows are, the better the illusion of a more shapely and youthful face.

Whatever situation you’re working with, arches only work well when you adapt them to your best facial features, not when you try to replicate a celebrity (even though J.Lo does have great brows).

Eyebrows are not one size fits all.

Defined brows are big news right now, but that doesn’t mean they’re the main feature. Your true expression is in your eyes, so call concentration to those enchanting irises and enhance what your mama gave you with expert-trusted approaches to eyebrow maintenance. It really does do wonders for your self-esteem, on your wedding day or any day! Especially if you’re looking for bridal beauty on a budget, a guaranteed way to make the big impact is with your eyebrow shaping, filling, and defining.

And with that, we now pronounce your brows

forever on fleek!

Author Bio: Tess DiNapoli is an artist, freelance writer, and beauty enthusiast who works closely with cruelty-free makeup brands, like Billion Dollar Brows. She has a passion for yoga and often writes about beauty and health, but she also enjoys covering the fashion industry and the world of fitness.

How Brows Can Completely Change Your Bridal Look


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