Event Planners Are Coming Back Strong After COVID-19

Event Planners Are Coming Back Strong After COVID-19

“I’ve had a lot of planners reach out to me during the past couple of months stressing and ready to give up because they could not see beyond the Pandemic. Yes–Event Planners Are Coming Back Strong After COVID-19! – Tawanda Sims of Elite Events by Tawanda

All they were focusing on was what they were loosing or had lost. I challenge them to have their pity party, cry, scream, pray and then get up and let’s get ready for the COMEBACK!

Life throws you lemons but we as event planners has to take those lemons and make the sweetest lemonade ever!!”

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The Come Back Kids:
How Event Planners Are Coming Back Strong After COVID-19

“I met Bisli five years ago, in 2015 at Catetsource. She was a floral designer and speaker at the event. Since then, I have grown to admire her even more as a businesswoman as our relationship developed. Bisli offers quality, exceptional customer service, knowledge, and perfection in all that she does. These qualities have been the hallmark of her business for almost 27 years.

Bisli Vazquez

Born in Panama, then becoming a professional model at age 16, her life preparation began. As a model, Bisli did TV commercials and modeled in Fashion shows. She studied to become a professional model, etiquette, and protocol at the Prada institute. At 23 she became a finalist of Miss Panama world, winning the title of Miss Congeniality. All of this experience prepared her with the necessary foundational skills. She has become, as is said in the industry, a designer’s designer, which means that other designers now learn from her. As if that weren’t enough, Bisli has planned events for the Obama’s, her company has also been featured on WE tv’s Platinum Weddings, with a 1.6 million dollar budget! She’s also been featured on Bravo TV, Top Chef, MTV, CNN, and more!

Bisli has always focused on helping others; that is why she started her business. Planning, designing and producing an event is a way of helping others. Bisli was a manager of sales and marketing for some of the most well-known brands in the USA, such as Apple computers, Mac, whirlpool, just to mention a few. Working with these companies has earned Bisli a breadth of experience that she now utilizes in her business. Bisli also studied theater, which has given her great access to her present industry, not only in helping her to deal directly with people, but by helping her to be patient, a listener, attentive to detail, to plan and execute any job – no matter how small or large it may be.

All of these qualities are why I couldn’t think of a better person to speak to about the current state of the industry. COVID19 caught us all by surprise. And now the question is not only how we pivot, but how do we come back on the other side of this? I strongly believe that the event planning industry will come back strong in 2021. However, I wanted to get Bisli’s take on what she thought about it all, and I absolutely love the insight she gave us.
Keep reading for our interview below:

Elite Events: How Would You Describe The State We Are Currently In?
Bisli: I have seen the greatest things to come from humanity, the good and the bad, but never anything like this. COVID-19 is a horrible crisis, healthwise and economically. To everyone out there reading, please be strong and take care of yourself and your family without forgetting about those that need you!

Elite Events: What Should People Focus On Now?
Bisli: There is a time for everything, but this time I would say be selfish. Dedicate to yourself what your needs are for you, your family, and your business. Now is also a great time to refocus and re-strategize within your business. Identify what was working and how you can incorporate more of this. Also incorporate what wasn’t working and if it makes sense to bring it back once this is all said and done. In the meantime, be patient and pray because eventually, life will go back to normal again, and we will be stronger. Continue to practice social distancing, but at the same time still find ways to virtually connect and support your peers; we will be alright!

Elite Events: Do You See Us Going Back To Normal?
No, we can’t go back to normal. The normal lives we were living was the problem. Now is the time to focus so that when we come out on the other side of this, that we aren’t walking back into the world as the same person, in the same systems.

Now is the time to be better, learn to be more human, less selfish, appreciate nature more, and incorporate more solidarity within our lives.
I would love to see a world with people who are more supportive of one another. A world where there is less discrimination. I hope this has taught others to be more humble, to procrastinate less, to live with integrity, and to have a real passion for what we do!

Also I hope that people are taking time to  practice gratitude, be more connected with their family and friends, to have more patience and most importantly, have optimism. Overall, these are the human qualities that I hope everyone grows in to fulfill our life and live happily.

Elite Events: How Can Event Planners Overcome The Current Problems They Face?
Bisli: In life, every person has two problems. One has a solution, and the other does not. There’s no need to worry about what you can’t solve. It’s much better to funnel that energy to find the way out of that problem and to find solutions.

So event planners specifically, please do not worry about what you cannot control in this season. Let’s focus on what we can, so that may all find a light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Event Planners Are Coming Back Strong After COVID-19

Be strong, smart, and let’s all follow the recommendations from the experts, so that we may all enjoy what’s ahead of us in the future. God bless everyone! We are stronger together.

These were great words from Bisli and I hope they can provide you with some encouragement! Now is the time to focus on the long-term. This threw everyone for a loop, none of us could have predicted the craziness that we are currently dealing with. But it’s all in how you deal with it now, that will determine how you come out on the other side! While we navigate in our new normal, I encourage everyone to perfect your craft, refine your business, and most importantly – stay safe!
With Love, Tawanda”

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Elite Events by Tawanda, is a certified international wedding, event planning & management firm that has planned, coordinated and produced dream events for clients locally and all over the world. Our company is founded on the belief that our clients’ needs are paramount. From weddings to parties, to retirements, fundraisers, galas and more, our trained professionals will bring your vision to life. We serve the South Florida market and beyond offering event management, design & decor, corporate planning and so much more!

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Event Planners Are Coming Back Strong After COVID-19


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