How to Organize Your Wedding Planning

How to Organize Your Wedding Planning

Get Your Wedding Planning Organized!

Couples right now as of this writing during the Covid-19 pandemic just might have a little more time on their hands to plan their wedding. With that said, the options to gather information, sort all of the available choices, decide on the budget, the look, and the guest list for your wedding can be overwhelming! This is How to Organize Your Wedding Planning!

We have heard that a lot of couples are going back to the drawing board right now, that they’re being forced to re-think the wedding they had planned and make new choices based on the requirements of their state, county and city right now. Start there by contacting your state/county/city to see what guidelines and rules they have set in place for gatherings such as a wedding. Generally, the rules are set by the size of the gathering/group at an event.

If you or your loved ones are busy as a health care worker, an essential service provider, we salute you! There is no way that we could have all gotten as far as we have without you.

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!

There are several ways to plan a wedding, old school super organized planning with binders and notebooks and color collated tabs and indexes, Phone App planners, note scribblers into loose paper, and what planning? No matter what kind of planning suits your style and personality you’ll agree (or quickly come to find out) that good planning is where it’s at.

The usual question is, “we have a wedding coordinator, why do we need to plan anything?” And the best answer is that no one knows what exactly you have in mind so the best way to communicate your wishes and have the best use of your planners time is to come in with a plan.

Heirloom Press

And if you’re going without a wedding planner (you brave soul!)—– you’ll need to have every tip and trick and tool at your disposal to keep on track, on budget, and as stress-free as possible. We have suggestions for hard copy planners, planners for your phone from an app, printable planners you can personalize and a hybrid planner of phone/pdf.

Let’s break it down into Planning By Personality, shall we? 🙂

The Old School Super Organized Planner

You want it in a notebook to carry around, scribble in, keep your lists and photos and to keep you on track.

From Erin Condren in a variety of cover styles $50 and up. For the Type A’s out there. You know who you are. Spiral bound, lots of sections to keep you on your toes.

From Paper Bound Love on Etsy:A Hardcover book, with tab dividers for each section 6 x 9 inches, with 170 printed pages to help you with the planning 26 lined blank pages for note taking, plus several blank pages all through the planner with tabbed sections.

The I don’t need to Write Down Every Detail but Still Need Advice Couple:

Great resources that tell you what to do and how to do it should be at the top of your list.

The Wedding Book: An Expert’s Guide to Planning Your Perfect Day—Your Way by Mindy Weiss, $25

The Wedding Planner Checklist (A Portable Guide to Organizing Your Dream Wedding) by Peter Pauper Press, $8

And the time tested must have of course:

Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette by Anna and Lizzie Post, $35

The I Have a Wedding Planner App for That Couple:


Zola, the wedding company that will do anything for love. We’re reinventing the wedding planning and registry experience to make the happiest moment in our couples’ lives even happier.


Wedbox Planner will help you stay on top of all the planning before your wedding, and the Wedbox Photo app lets you capture everything on your wedding day.

Wedding Happy

“The Wedding App That Gets You Down the Aisle”

Appy Couple

There are a lot of wedding planning apps. Some big and shiny, some smaller and lower tech. You’ll find some that come from larger companies and some that are just small tech startups. Search the play store to find more than you can imagine, and ask your friends or wedding planner what they love.

If you’re searching for a version of the wedding planner that you can print yourself, we have some choices:

Design Studio Teti
The Golden Paperie

Maybe a hybrid combination of smart phone tech and wedding planning pdf’s?  This digital wedding planner “has been curated to help guide you in planning the important details for your big day”.

Marisa Jean Design

No matter how you choose to get your plan on————– keep up with it, have fun doing it— and remember it’s a valuable keepsake after the wedding is over!

How to Organize Your Wedding Planning


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