How to Plan a Vow Renewal

Planning a vow renewal is the ultimate way to show your spouse, friends, family, and the world that you “still do”.

It can be a milestone anniversary celebration, or just because you want to recommit your undying love to each other!

Deciding to renew your vows is the easy part, but where do you start the planning process? Is it the same as planning a wedding? Less intense? More intense? Where should we begin to look for venues?

How To Plan A Vow Renewal

Good news, we are here to help! Before you start the planning process, there are a few questions you and your spouse need to ask yourselves:

Why are we renewing our vows?

Is there a special occasion you are celebrating or a difficult crisis you two have overcome? Take this into consideration when deciding on the details.

Who do we want to invite?

Do you want to have a more intimate celebration, perhaps only involving your children or immediate family? Or would you prefer a large party, including the friends and family members you’ve added since your wedding day? 

What kind of venue do we prefer?

Would you like to have a traditional church ceremony, or is there a location that is special to your relationship? Perhaps you are planning an anniversary trip where you will hold your vow renewal in a fun, new location.

Who will officiate?

Since a vow renewal doesn’t require any legal paperwork, who officiates the ceremony can be anyone. This can also affect your venue choice, so consider those two together.

Do we want to have a reception?

Maybe your wedding reception didn’t go as planned, or you didn’t have the budget to throw the party you really wanted. A vow renewal can be your second chance at the perfect celebration. Or it can be the perfect excuse to get all of your close family and friends together to have a nice dinner together or a backyard barbecue. The possibilities are really endless on this one.

How To Plan A Vow Renewal

Once you have a general sense of what is most important to your vow renewal, now begins the fun part: planning it! This part can look different for everybody. A few basics that you should consider are:

  1. Budget
  2. Location
  3. Who will be involved in the ceremony
  4. Invite guests (or not)
  5. Hire any vendors needed: photographer, florist, hair, and makeup
  6. Write your vows
  7. Relax, and celebrate!
How To Plan A Vow Renewal

Hosting a vow renewal is a beautiful way to celebrate your love for one another and show how it has grown and changed since your wedding day. Perhaps you have some children (or fur children) to include that you didn’t have when you got married. Perhaps your marriage has just overcome a huge difficulty, such as a serious illness. No matter the reason or what details you decide to include in your celebration, a vow renewal is always about one thing: love.

How to Plan a Vow Renewal
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