How to Prepare for Your First Wedding Show

Wedding shows can be SO exciting and productive, but also a little overwhelming if it’s your first time.

It can be easy to get lost in the sea of vendors. But if you prepare properly, it can also be a great way for you to book all your vendors at once! 

From what you wear, bring with you, and what you research beforehand, there is a lot you can do to get ready for a wedding show. We’ll break that down into what to do before the show, during the show, and after! When it comes to wedding planning, organization is key!

Your First Wedding Show with Perfect Wedding Guide

Before the Show

Make a Wedding-Only Email Address: This can be super helpful to keep all your vendor information in one place. When you start wedding planning, create a separate email address for you and your fiancé to give out at wedding shows and for all your vendors! Plus, it is easier to keep your fiancé informed as well with access to a joint email.

Print Labels: A lot of vendors will ask for your name, phone number, wedding date, and email for giveaways and other interest forms. Save yourself so much time at the show by printing all of this on address labels to peel and stick!

Pre-Register: It is such a time saver to pre-register and get your tickets in advance. That way, you can just check in and get down to business.

Dress Cute, but also Comfortable: Wedding shows are usually large and spread out, with plenty of walking. Comfortable shoes are a must, but there can also be a lot of fun photo ops! 

Your First Wedding Show with Perfect Wedding Guide

Bring a Partner: With all the information and vendors you will meet, it will be hard to remember everything! Bring your fiancé, mom, best friend, or whoever your wedding planning partner is!

Bring a Separate Bag: Most wedding shows will provide you with a bag to hold any pamphlets and swag you may get. However, it is helpful to have a separate bag to put the information that you are most interested in to differentiate it later.

Research the Vendors Beforehand: This one may seem obvious, but it is SO helpful! Really knowing the vendors that will be there and seeing their work in advance can help you prioritize who to visit.

Bring a Checklist: Write out exactly which vendors you still need for your big day and any questions you’d like to ask them. 

Bring a Snack and a Drink: With all the walking and talking you will do, the last thing you want is to be starving and dehydrated throughout the show!

Your First Wedding Show with Perfect Wedding Guide

During the Show

Stay Until the End of the Show: Sometimes, there are giveaways done at the end that you need to be present for, or other events like bridal fashion shows. 

Take Pictures: Pictures can be a great way to jog your memory! Most vendors will have a display of some sort set up just for that purpose.

Set Follow-Up Appointments: You don’t want to forget the vendors you really want to work with on your big day. Set an appointment with them if you can to really get into the details!

Take Notes: Try to write down little reminders for yourself to trigger your memory after the show. For example, if you still need a photographer and that’s written on your checklist, maybe write down your favorite vendor names next to that item so you don’t forget! 

Your First Wedding Show with Perfect Wedding Guide

Keep ALL of the Swag: While you may take pictures, notes, and do everything you can to remember your favorite vendors, sometimes they just slip out of your mind. Try to grab a pamphlet, business card, or whatever they have at their booth to remember them!

Don’t Panic: Wedding shows can be very intense and overwhelming, with so many vendors wanting your business. Make sure to keep yourself organized and be straightforward with the vendors about what you need.

Have Fun: Being engaged is such an exciting time in your life! Attending a wedding show should be just as fun. Bring your posse, take pictures, and soak in the moment!

Your First Wedding Show with Perfect Wedding Guide

After the Show

Sort Through Your Research: Go through your notes, checklist, pictures, and brochures and organize everything. Break it down by vendor type, most favorite to least, or whatever method works for you.

Follow Up: Reach out to the vendors you are most interested in and set appointments.

Relax! The hard part is over. Enjoy the feeling of having your vendors booked and embrace that engagement excitement!

Your First Wedding Show with Perfect Wedding Guide

Special thanks to Kimberly Santana Photography for the amazing photos! See more of their work here.

How to Prepare for Your First Wedding Show


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