How to Write a BETTER Thank You Note

How to Write a BETTER Thank You Note

It’s been noted that the is the post-wedding task 89% of wedding couples dislike the most is writing those pesky thank you notes. The truth is that only 40% of people were taught/encouraged to write thank you notes growing up! So, if people weren’t *cough cough* forced to write thank you notes as kids, how can we expect them to appreciate the humble thank you note, much less know how to write one?

How to Write a BETTER Thank You Note?

We’ll cover the basics but update the whole shebang as we decide the best style of thank you note for you as a couple! Why yes, it’s important!

What makes your thank you writing heart sing? Simple notecards that say “THANK YOU”? Cards with your photo on the front? Something artistic? How about a card that’s crazy unique? We will look at a few of our favorites as we close out this how to post, so ride along…………..

Where do you stand on the whole note thing?
Each wedding gift should be acknowledged with a written note within three months of receipt of the gift. It’s best to write the notes as soon as possible after gifts arrive, however. Write a note even if you have thanked the giver in person. – Emily Post

Make the job easier, more organized,

and dare we say it…… fun?

  • Handwritten envelopes are always best—- having said that:
  • If you choose the handwritten envelope route, write a few every day prior to the wedding and then keep in a box, alphabetically. This may sound daunting at first, but you’ll thank yourself later.
  • When you prepare your guest list, make address labels if you must. If you opt out of handwritten envelopes because of a very large list, you can always go for clear sheets of labels they will look nice on any color of envelope.
  • Decide before the wedding if you are going to use a wedding photo (or even an engagement photo) as your card. If so, price your options and decide where you will print. Let your wedding photographer know that you would love to have a few photos early for this purpose (please).
  • If you’re using a more generic thank you card, order them early.
  • Purchase stamps for your notes so you’re ready and procrastination free.

What should a good thank you note contain?

✉Use the name of the person/couple who gave you the gift.

✉ Write neatly & legibly.

✉ Be specific— don’t just say thanks for the gift…… thank them for the gift that they gave you.

✉ Add a personal comment (example, we were so excited to get, or we can’t wait to use the….)

✉ If the gift was cash, thank them for their generous gift and tell them how you plan to use it. (Example, we were so grateful for your gift and plan to use the money towards a sofa for our new home together).


There is a rule of thumb that states you have three months after the wedding to send out a thank you note. We say NOPE! We agree with Martha Stewart on this one and say that unless you’re traveling around the world and won’t be back for months, send out those notes within 3 weeks after the wedding. Please. If you’ve done some planning and organization beforehand, this shouldn’t be difficult.

What if you’ve totally procrastinated and haven’t sent out your thank you’s for longer than 3 months? Yikes!!! WRITE THEM ANYWAY!!!! APOLOGIZE!

But, there is no need to get yourself into this jam. Remember, many gifts trickle in before your actual wedding day! There are fewer and fewer prettily wrapped presents that make their arrival on a table at your reception. To write thank you notes as they come in, you will obviously need to choose an engagement photo, or one taken prior to the wedding. If you absolutely must use a wedding photo then plan ahead.

Write thank you notes as your gifts arrive
if you can!!

Your thank you note should be kindly written, on time, and neat enough to impress your fourth grade teacher. But what kind of card should you choose? We stalked/shopped Etsy to find some easily accessible choices if you don’t have a local source.

💍 Photo cards have always been popular and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Check with your photographer to see if they create their own, or make yours using your photos with a purchased template. There a million different ways to accomplish this style of card if it’s one you want to use.

Salsal Design

💍 Along the wedding theme, but still showing personality— and in a way that can be customized might be your thing. You’re not artistic enough to pull this off? Luckily there are many local sources as well as those around the world that come to your mailbox.

One Accord Design

💍 Incorporating pets into a wedding theme is certainly not new, and LOTS of couples are doing just that, even down to their wedding cake! Again, you’ll find many local resources as well as worldwide.


💍 The card below stuck out to us because it was artistic as well as super unique. This stylized card is likely to be a strong yes or no to you, with not much in between.

The Ritzy Rose

💍 Finding a personalized, artistic card for a same sex wedding thank you might be slightly more difficult— but you’ll find plenty of them!

Wrapped to Perfection

💍 Maybe you’re a couple that’s funny, known for humor and large personalities and you’d like to reflect that in your thank you notes? We sort of fell in love with the Mad Lib style cards below!


💍 If you are looking for a simple thank you note with text on the front you still have a lot of choices. Gold? Silver? Black? Colored text? Large? Small? Font choice? Luckily even without a local source, you’ll be able to search for this tried and true choice in a lot of different places and many price points.

Shop 321 Done

💍 You may lean into simple with a little bit of personalization such as the card below:

Chickadee Cottage Co

💍 With another twist on the simple thank you note, engraving in a contemporary font has fresh appeal with a nod to tradition.

PB Paperie

Whatever note you choose to write your thank you’s ON, we know it will be great and will express your gratitude. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

How to Write a BETTER Thank You Note


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