Celebrity Weddings: Carrie Underwood + Mike Fisher Tie the Knot on Lake Oconee, Georgia (a firsthand account)


By Wedding Blog Contributor, Samantha Crotty

After much speculation and tons of rumors, on July 10th, at the Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia (Lake Oconee), Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher tied the knot.

Who was lucky enough to be there? Yours truly. Of course I was not an invited guest, my celebrity status is not that high, but like the tons of other Lake Oconee residents, I was outside of the Ritz-Carlton on-board a boat, scouting out the soon-to-be married couple.

My firsthand Account (and my almost brush with stardom):
Throughout the day, there had been a lot of speculation about who would be attending the wedding, who was catering the desserts, was the wedding actually going to be at the Ritz? Some of these questions still haven’t been answered. One question I can answer is the rumor about Yesterday Cafe in downtown Greensboro, GA baking 200 of their famous buttermilk pies for the reception. Is this true? After speaking with the owner of the cafe, he said:

“I received a phone call from my brother last night [Friday] and he asked me what I was up to. I just said I was at home watching TV. He asked why I wasn’t baking pies for the wedding tomorrow. I asked what wedding? And he said Carrie Underwood’s wedding, I heard she requested 200 pies from you. I told him, well I haven’t got that order, and no one at the shop told me about it.”

He later said that Entertainment Tonight and several news stations from Canada were waiting outside the cafe Saturday morning, waiting for him to open and to answer the infamous question about the pies.

“They asked me if we were making all of the pies, and not usually one to think on my feet I was able to comment back, I cannot confirm nor deny whether or not we are making the pies for Ms. Underwood and Mr. Fisher, but I can tell you that we do sell a lot of our Buttermilk Pie.”

So, to put minds at ease, the Buttermilk Pie rumor is false (according to the owner of the restaurant as told to me that afternoon). But the best part about the inquiry was the publicity that came from it. On Ottawa Citizen you can find a photograph of one of the waitresses, Shanteria Shorter, in front of the cafe holding the famous buttermilk pie. Looks like the yummy local favorite will become even more famous thanks to Carrie Underwood.

What other question can I confirm?
The actual location of the wedding. It has been two days since the wedding, and all over the Web you can find articles stating that the location of the wedding was indeed at the Ritz-Carlton on Lake Oconee.

After being there, and seeing the security all over the grounds of the resort and in the water, and the sheriffs department on boat, I too can confirm the location.

While on the lake, scouting out the bride and groom, I got to watch the paparazzi and news channels circling the Ritz-Carlton in helicopters. There were about four different ones hovering over the resort. Talk about a site to see!

To end their blissful weekend, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher were seen boarding a private jet at the Greensboro Regional Airport on Sunday for their connecting flight at LAX to Bora Bora and Tahiti for their honeymoon.

Photo Courtesy of Ottawa Citizen, Joanne Chianello

Now I can officially say, I was at the wedding of country singer Carrie Underwood, and NHL player Mike Fisher (sort of!). After being on the scene where the famous nuptials took place, I can only wish the best for the newlyweds. I hope they are happy and have a beautiful life together.

If you look closely you can see the Ritz-Carlton Lodge behind me

What all have you heard about the wedding of the year? Leave a comment for me below here at the wedding blog, as I would love to hear more!

Samantha Crotty is an intern with Perfect Wedding Guide and College Lifestyles. She is a senior at Western Carolina University where she is majoring in Communications with a concentration in Print Media.

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