Quirky Dallas Engagement Shoot

Today’s lovely eshoot comes from the talented Texas wedding photographer Ashlee Carter of Sakura Photo. Joylynn, the bride-to-be, had the great idea to shoot her engagement session with her fiancee, Tuan, at a tiny bar in Dallas, Texas, called Bar Celine. The quirky dive bar, plus Joylnn and Tuan’s impeccable fashion sense, blends perfectly aesthetic for this Big D engagement shoot.

As told by Ashlee: The bar is literally a hole in the wall and it is so easy to miss if you are not aware of it. The Art Deco furnishings in the bar and the little patio outside of the bar turned out to be a perfect backdrop for the shoot. And Joylynn’s style (decked head to toe in Forever 21) definitely added a fun and unique flair to the session. I had so much fun shooting this couple!

Cute, right? A special congrats to Joylynn and Tuan! To see more photos of this quirky and stylish couple, visit Ashlee’s photo blog here.

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