Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig’s secret wedding last weekend

Rachel Weisz secret nuptials took place last weekend

Rachel Weisz secret nuptials took place last weekend

Actors Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig tied the knot with only four people to witness this past weekend in New York, according to ContactMusic.

The wedding planning did not take much as the guests consisted of the former James Bond's daughter Ella, and Weisz's son Henry. In addition, there were two more people, and they were the owners of the home that they were married in, according to the news source.

The pair met during the filming of Dream House, where the two portrayed a married couple, which was just a year ago, according to the news provider.

More specific details about the nuptials including the wedding dress was kept hush-hush, and have not been released yet. However, it was reported that the couple wanted the smallest amount of effort put into their wedding, and just wanted to be married, the media outlet reports.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, it is expected that the newlyweds will have a big wedding reception later this year, as many celebrities have done the same.

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