A Southern Countryside Ceremony & Soirée: The Real Wedding of Rebecca and Derek


Today’s real wedding story comes from a lovely couple who married in a unique venue that combined both of their interests– wine and golf! They chose the gorgeous Château Élan winery and estate in Braselton, GA (http://www.chateauelan.com) for their ceremony and reception. We congratulate Rebecca and Derek on their recent nuptials and thank them for sharing their sweet story and stunning photography by http://www.WawroPhotography.com.

Susan: What was it like for you on the morning of your wedding?
Rebecca: I was really tired… it was when my bridesmaids and I were looking out the window and saw the flowers arrive that it really hit me that I was about to get married. From there, the anxiety gave way and a calm came over me. I was all smiles the rest of the day because I knew that I was getting ready to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

Susan: What were your thoughts as you walked down the aisle?
Rebecca: First, it was, “Don’t trip!” It’s nerve-wracking to walk down an aisle with all eyes on you. Second, it was, “I’m so lucky to not only have such an amazing man, but also to have such great friends and family who would travel all this way to share in our special day.”

Susan: What was the most memorable part of the day for you and your spouse?
Rebecca: The whole day was a memorable one, but if we had to pick one moment, it would be the reception. Derek and I love to have a good time, so we wanted a party rather than a formal sit-down affair. We had this amazing band, Az Izz, who we had heard throughout college and played everything from Motown to country. After our first dance, Derek and his mom had their dance, followed by me and my dad. We switched up the order because my dad and I had devised a way to bring people onto the dance floor at the start of the reception, which usually never happens. After the first few stanzas of Tim McGraw’s “My Little Girl” my dad and I broke into “Cupid Shuffle.” The bridal party joined in after the first chorus, and then all guests were asked to join in. From there, the dancing never stopped.

Susan: Were there any particular elements of your wedding day that you considered unique or personal touches?
Rebecca: All of my bridesmaids hold a special place in my heart and I really wanted them to know that as they stood beside me during the most important day of my life. To do this, I picked a different flower for each bridesmaid based on her personality and the role she plays in my life. At the bridesmaid’s luncheon, I handed them all a personalized letter explaining what flower I had chosen for them and why. I also made sure that there was a stem of each type of flower tucked into my bouquet.

Susan: Based off of your experience, would you share some advice for other brides and grooms who may still be planning their weddings?
Rebecca: Don’t sweat the small stuff. The best advice someone gave me was that, if it’s not done the week before your wedding, forget about it. You can spend every minute of every day worrying about details, but you have to remember to enjoy the experience, too. There are things that may go wrong, but remember that your guests do not know how something is supposed to be, so it will all be perfect to them.

That’s some great advice– many thanks to Rebecca and Derek for sharing their story with us. Do you have a real wedding or vow renewal story you would like to share? If so, please email me ten or more of your favorite wedding or vow renewal photos along with details about your experience. You might be the next bride featured on our wedding blog!

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