Mixing old and new into a wedding gown


Mixing old and new aspects into a wedding gown

Mixing old and new aspects into a wedding gown

Many brides can agree, one of their favorite parts of wedding planning is searching for that perfect beautiful wedding dress. Some brides may already have the dress, as their mother or mother-in-law passed it down to them. According to Hello Magazine, there is a way to incorporate the new with the old, by combining a new dress with a few vintage details.

This modern/vintage fusion could be the perfect solution for those brides who simply cannot make up their mind. In addition, they can still take full advantage of the latest trends while making family members happy as well.

"Walking down the aisle is one of the most emotional moments of your life. You’re heading to a new future – the perfect moment to think about family and love through the generations," bridal shop owner Linda Davey told the news source. "By blending elements of a gown that’s meant a lot to your family with a new design, yet more memories are being made – and in years to come can become an heirloom for your daughter and her daughter too!" 

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