Wedding trends of the upcoming summer


Last-minute details and trends for this summer

Last-minute details and trends for this summer

Wedding season is right around the corner, and many individuals are wondering what to expect when they attend the many nuptials this summer. According to ABC15, there are a few trends guests can expect to see this wedding season. In addition, there are even some last-minute trends couples who are enthralled in wedding planning this summer can still add to their big day.

Some unique ideas include adding some natural elements such as herbs, for a little extra something to the wedding, according to the news source. Also, couples can opt for fun photo sessions, which can take the pressure off taking that perfect photo.

Couples who have yet to figure out which favor they want to give to their guests can choose something simple such as gourmet goodies from local chefs or regional specialties. This way, guests who traveled for the wedding can have something special from the town itself, the media outlet reports. In addition, guests can expect to see a lot of bright colors this wedding season, as bright and bold hues are quite popular this year.

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