Celebrating Independence Day with a wedding


Celebrate the Fourth of July with a wedding

Celebrate the Fourth of July with a wedding

When people think about the Fourth of July, many imagine spending time with family and friends at barbecues and beach outings, but some couples see this day as the perfect opportunity to say "I do." Wedding planning for Independence Day can be more romantic than many realize. In fact, red, white and blue can be perfect colors for a wedding, and the decorations are basically already picked out, according to The Huffington Post.

When it comes to the colors – red symbolizes love, passion and strength, which are three important factors anyone would want to bring into their wedding. White and blue are the more obvious choices, as white plays a role in nearly all weddings, especially on the beautiful wedding dress the bride chooses. Blue represents timeless security, and can be found on everything from the wedding cake to the wedding invitations, the media outlet reports.

Not to mention, Independence Day-inspired food can make for a truly festive feast. Slider hamburgers, mini hot dogs and some pasta salads can be given an upscale facelift, creating a perfect casual backyard wedding. 

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