Wedding Reception Trends: Flipbooks {Dedicated Post}


So what’s a flipbook? Remember as a child when you would draw pictures in a notebook, and then flip through them quickly to create an animation? That was a flipbook! The first flipbook appeared in 1868, when it was patented by John Barnes Linnett under the name “kineograph” (moving picture). And now nearly 150 years later new technology has been combined with classic animation, brought to your event in a whole new way to entertain your guests!

A leader in this emerging category of event entertainment, Sacramento, California-based Action Flipbooks provides flipbook studio services for brides having a Sacramento wedding, as well as weddings all over California, and large corporate marketing events nationwide. They have served many celebrity clients, as well as companies such as Disney Pixar , Facebook, Netflix, Sony Playstation, Wells Fargo, and more.

Action Flipbooks sets up a mobile video studio at your event, and creates real flipbooks on the spot! The “director” guides your guests in creating a seven second video clip that will translate well to a flipbook. Guests can dance, use signs, hats and props, or just be themselves. The video is instantly played back, and if they like their performance, it’s then printed, cut and bound into a flipbook right before their eyes, all in just over a minute. When they flip their flipbook they’ll be blown away to see their own video in a cute little animated book. It’s a party favor that they actually star in.

The covers of the flipbooks are custom designed to fit your theme, and you can even add digital backgrounds to the videos with a “green screen” so guests can appear as if they’re dancing on a stage or flying through the clouds in their videos. The bride and groom can also get a copy of all the books made at their reception, as well as a keepsake DVD montage of all the videos.

An Action Flipbooks studio averages about 45-60 flipbooks per hour and is versatile enough to fit into any party setting, from casual to couture. They can add another cutter and double that number, 90-120 books per hour. And if that’s not enough, they can provide multiple flipbook studios.

Guests of all ages will have a blast making flipbooks, looking at everyone else’s flipbooks, and taking home a customized keepsake unlike any other. Based on reviews from brides and their guests, having a flipbook studio at your wedding reception will be a big hit, providing fun, interactive entertainment, and lots of great memories. Since the flipbooks double as a favor, it can be cost effective too. And you can also create your own flipbook for a really fun Save the Date piece!

For more information, visit or call 800-785-0260.

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