Wedding Flowers: Bridal Bouquet Trends for 2013


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After noticing the brides beautiful gown as she walks down the aisle the second thing you may notice are the bouquet of flowers that she is carrying. Wedding flowers, bride’s bouquets to be specific, used to be simple and some still are, but for a few they have taken on a whole new level.

Roses are always nice to have in a bouquet, but instead of having all roses, mix in accent flowers this way the bouquet still stays traditional, but has a unique twist. Also, stick with colors that stand out such as a canary, hot pink, or vibrant purple. The accent flowers could also coordinate with the bridesmaid dresses.

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Succulents have hit the scene in a big way. While they do not look like a traditional flower, it’s the non-traditional look that sets them apart from any other floral option. These flowers can go a long way. Not only do they look great for a bridal bouquet, but they could also be used as a boutonniere for the groom and table décor at the reception and they come in a variety of colors.

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Then we have the romantic bride, with light pinks, different shades of ivory and a hint of green these flowers mixed together create the perfect balance between bridal and floral. This type of bouquet is fit for that whimsical theme wedding. It is simple, yet it creates a beautiful bouquet.

Another popular look is the southern rustic look. By combining an old-fashioned design with the flowers, this bouquet sets the scene for the entire venue. It also looks great for the ‘All Organic’ weddings. One look at it and it is easy to tell what the guests have in store for the rest of the evening.

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Wedding flowers serve as an important part of the wedding, even for the bridesmaids. But it is the bride’s bouquet that should stand out from the rest. Whether she decides to have roses or daffodils, it is ultimately her bouquet and her choice. What flowers will you use in your wedding? Leave a comment below for us here at the wedding blog!

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