Orlando Vendor Spotlight: Andrea Quality Cheesecake Hits 30 Years


Andrea Quality Cheesecake has been serving Orlando’s cheesecake needs for three decades. Established in April 1983 with just three flavors of cheesecake, Andrea’s Cheesecake now has 20 on their daily walk-in menu, and over 50 special-request flavors.

“If there is something that you can dream up that I haven’t done already,” Andrea says, “I am sure we can make it.”

At every wedding reception the cake is the focal point of the event, and when the guests enter the room every bride wants her wedding cake to look beautiful. What makes Andrea’s Cheesecakes different from other bakeries is that they pride themselves on quality. Andrea says she will never compromise her product, as its uniqueness speaks out loud. The flavor and consistency of her cheesecake is what has kept her successful. Being a specialty bakery allows her to always concentrate on one thing: producing the finest quality New York Style Cheesecakes in Central Florida.

Andrea’s wedding cakes look like any other wedding cake and taste just as amazing. She uses cream cheese icing; the main ingredient in her cheesecakes. Brides go crazy over the thrill of having a great wedding cake that is different from regular old cake, and something that always raises eyebrows at the reception. Andrea’s wedding cheesecakes are a hit at every reception; many times guests leave and can’t stop talking about how great the cake was.

“The greatest part of being in business for 30 years is that we are now accommodating three generations of families,” Andrea says. “I have customers that used to come in with their parents and grandparents as small children; they are now adults bringing their children in for cheesecakes.

“It is very rewarding to see these young adults that were babies in their parent’s arms, now driving up and coming in saying, ‘Hi Andrea, remember me? I’m here to buy a cheesecake for my Mom’s birthday.’

“We always share a smile and a few memories. That’s what has kept me going for 30 years.”

Simple pleasures always bring big rewards.

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