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Weddings have come a long way from traditional white and ivory. From hot pink wedding gowns to splashes of bold-colored lights shining on the walls, no color is off-limits on your wedding day!colorebookcover-thumbnail

Some brides find working with color a bit intimidating. How do you know which color goes well with another? How many colors are considered too many? Which colors should you choose?

In our new ebook: Wedding Color: Creating Your Signature Style, we can help you find the perfect palette for your wedding.

The 20-page guide shares expertise on how to select the right colors for your wedding ceremony and reception, and details on the most popular colors of the season as determined by the color experts at Pantone. The eBook is full of wonderful photos, visuals and ideas on how to appropriately use color for your wedding and reception!

To download your copy of the free eBook, click HERE!

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