Wedding Trends: Doing Away with Traditions


Vera Wang, Spring 2014

When it comes to planning a wedding, most brides want to follow a few traditions in order to ensure the event feels like a true ceremony. Whether this means not seeing your groom until you start your walk down the aisle or making sure to wear blue, some rules still apply if you want them to. However, in today’s modern world, more brides than ever have been throwing caution to the wind to make sure their special day is everything they ever wanted. Here are a few rules that you can feel fine about breaking:

Wearing white
According to Huffington Post Weddings, wearing white on your wedding day is a desire for most brides, but it isn’t a must. Wearing beautiful wedding dresses in various colors has actually become more commonplace since multiple celebrities and even famed designers have been going more bold in the bridal department.

Always-stylish and edgy Gwen Stefani might have started the color dress trend – she wore a white and pink ombre-style gown when she exchanged vows with husband Gavin Rossdale in September 2002. Since then, a slew of other starlets ranging from Reese Witherspoon to Jessica Biel have also donned pink at their unique wedding venues.

Style Caster website reports bridal colors may get even more daring in the years to come. Famed wedding designer Vera Wang has been sending more black wedding dresses down the runway, mixing leather and lace and everything in between.

You don’t have to have diamonds
Diamonds have long been the signature stone of choice for engagement rings, but times are changing and more modern brides are choosing to showcase their love in unique colors. According to HuffPo, brides are now opting for everything from pearls and garnets to a more royal trend of sapphires. Princess Kate proved it’s fine to get engaged with something other than diamonds.

Plus, with more information coming out on the struggle for diamonds and the poor treatment many miners deal with, it’s actually become more of the norm to shop for other gems, or to look for conflict-free diamonds.

Be bold with desserts
Cake has long been a staple in wedding ceremonies, but more modern brides are looking to treat guests to more fun options. Whether you decide to entice guests with a cupcake or candy bar, a chocolate fountain or even mini pies, desserts no longer need to be so square.

The Los Angeles Times reports cupcakes were all the rage for weddings in 2012, while individual pies are the ticket for 2013.

“Pie is hot,” Andrew Freeman, a restaurant industry consultant told the news source. “We predict that there will be dedicated pie shops and pie carts and pie trucks opening in the next year.

Not only does this trend allow guests to sample a variety of tasty goodies, it also helps make the reception more personal – instead of the alternative of having everyone stand around to watch you and your groom cut the cake.

It’s your day – invite who you want
In some instances, the moment you tell your mom you’re engaged she might start listing off anyone and everyone she thinks should be in the wedding party. Even though some choices may overlap, it’s important that you aim to please yourself rather than your guests.

For example, she may suggest you have your sister, cousins and other family members act as your wedding party, but if you have always envisioned only having a maid of honor, you need to speak up. It’s your day, not hers. The sooner you (nicely) put your foot down, the better the entire wedding planning process will be.

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