{Guest Post} Wedding Registry 101: How to Get What You REALLY Want {Pt. I}


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Registering for gifts for your wedding takes a little bit of skill, planning and know-how. And to show you the ropes, we turned to lifestyle blogger Myka Barbato of Highbrow Hippie, to give you the ins and outs on this two-part registry series. Read on below.

Ah the wedding registry…one of the best parts of planning a wedding. Going shopping on someone else’s dime, envisioning all the stuff you’ll get to set up your home together as a newlywed couple. Good times.

I am a self-proclaimed expert on all things involved in setting up a home. I fancy myself a modern day hippyish Martha Stewart, only I’m not brining turkeys for eight hours and finishing with truffle butter–I’m roasting veggies, having a potluck and asking someone else to bring the turkey. I’m all about ease and practicality so when I was asked by Perfect Wedding Guide to give the low down on how to set up a wedding registry and what one really should register for I jumped at the chance.

Here are some basic guidelines for setting up a wedding registry:

1. Register only for things that you know you will use. The scanning gun is a powerful thing. Next thing you know you’re registered for all types of unnecessary things – bread maker? Totally. Salad spinner? Of course. However the one thing you don’t realize when you register for all that stuff is that using them takes time, and unless you have ever lived with a man or been married before, you don’t realize that being a wife (read: housekeeper, accountant, chef, travel agent & event planner) is time consuming. Trust me the last thing you’ll be doing is making bread. From scratch. In a giant machine that you don’t have the space to store. Register for a coffee machine with a timer instead because caffeine will always be your friend.

2. Include things that are in the $20-$50 price range. Everyone wants to buy you something, but not everyone wants to spend $100. Keep that in mind and select some lower priced items as well. Napkin rings, napkins and placemats will always be needed and are great for people who don’t want to spend a ton.

3. Consider your space when registering.
Kitchen appliances seem great at the time until you get them all together in your kitchen. Which if you’re like most newlywed couples isn’t big enough to fit both of you at the same time never mind an ice cream maker and a mixer.

4. Get a crockpot. If you’re wondering why go back to #1. Time. It will become your best friend. One dish meals are the secret weapon of wives around the world. A pot that cooks while you are at work? Done and done.

5. Go classic. Your tastes will invariably change so make sure to register for classic items that you won’t get sick of after 6 months.

Myka Barbato is a lifestyle blogger, entrepreneur and frantic redecorator, as well as owner of WAX, a modern waxing studio, in Atlanta, Georgia (www.wax-atlanta.com). You can find her musings on beauty, décor and all-things good living at http://www.HighbrowHippie.com or follow her on Twitter at @highbrowhippie

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