{Guest Post} Wedding Registry 101: 6 Modern Day Registry Ideas {Pt. II}

Registering for gifts for your wedding takes a little bit of skill, planning and know-how. And to show you the ropes, the wedding blog to lifestyle blogger Myka Barbato of Highbrow Hippie, to give you the ins and outs on this registry series. Read on below for part II, and click here to read part I.

Let me be upfront by saying that I believe the only two appropriate occasions for creating a registry is when you get married and when you have a baby. Period. None of this, “I just bought a house and I can’t really afford to remodel it so help me buy light bulbs” stuff. I also believe we as a society often spend too much money on things manufactured in far-away countries that end up gathering dust and eventually making their way to the Goodwill pile. Enter the modern day bridal registry!

Rules have changed so much over the years that the options are pretty much endless. You don’t have to be confined to Crystal and hand towels or big box stores for that matter. Get creative — now’s the time! You will never have another opportunity like this again where everyone is waiting to shower you with gifts, so make it count! Here are a few modern day registry options that I bet you hadn’t thought about!

1. Your Favorite Local Boutique:
You’d be surprised at the number of smaller shops that will allow you to create a registry.

2. Housekeeping Services:
Chances are there are some great housekeeping companies in your area that offer set rates for cleaning services. Imagine not having to dust or vacuum for the first months of married life? Divine.

3. CSA {Community Supported Agriculture} Boxes:
Who doesn’t love getting fresh, local produce delivered to your door each week while supporting local farming? To find CSA opportunities in your neck of the woods, visit http://www.LocalHarvest.org/csa.

4. Etsy.com:
The source for all things homemade and truly unique, you can now set up a registry on this fantastic site. But keep in mind, since most items are handmade or one-of-a-kind, they might not stick around until your wedding date.

5. Honeyfund.com:
If you already have what you need, this site let’s people contribute towards your honeymoon. Genius.

6. Curate Ideas Online
via Simpleregistry.com or MyRegistry.com. Both of which allow you to create a custom registry from various stores and sites.

Did you discover any options you didn’t consider before? Leave a comment for us below here at the wedding blog and let us know what you think about these modern day registry ideas!

Myka Barbato is a lifestyle blogger, entrepreneur and frantic redecorator, as well as owner of W A X, a modern waxing studio, in Atlanta, Georgia (www.wax-atlanta.com). You can find her musings on beauty, décor and all-things good living at http://www.HighbrowHippie.com or follow her on Twitter at @highbrowhippie.

  • Karen S Musselman

    I think every couple should create more than one wedding registry. Different stores have different items. Plus, guests that don’t like to shop online yet may need a store that’s located within driving distance to purchase their gifts offline.

    One “complaint” I’ve heard from couples though is why do my guests not check the registry? They look on their registry and hardly anything has been purchased. And then when they open their gifts either at the wedding shower or after the wedding, they have duplicates of items that weren’t even on the list.

    I’ve heard some couples say they weren’t going to register anywhere because guests don’t use them anyway, so why waste the time?

    So in addition to setting up a guest registry, how do you get your guests to use them?

    • Myka Barbato


      I agree that having a local store do a registry is easy for everyone! Let’s face it, not everyone has access to or likes online shopping as you said. In terms of getting guests to use the registries the reality is that while gifts are appreciated they are certainly not expected. It is considered bad form to included registry information in your wedding invitation, but having couples tell everyone in their family and wedding party where the registry is located is a good start towards getting people to use it. Most people will ask where the couple is registered if they are planning to purchase a gift!