{Guest Post} African-American Wedding Trends: Jumping the Broom


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Jumping the Broom has been a tradition long before the T. D. Jakes produced film when Paula Patton and Laz Alonzo took the big leap. It is an African tradition of sweeping away the old and welcoming the new, or a symbol of new beginnings. It signifies the union of two families coming together as one, united by marriage. This African-American ritual began deep in the heart of Africa during the days of slavery when our ancestors sought after the authenticity of marriage by jumping over the broom and into the bonds of matrimony. This small custom was a legal bonding act connecting them with heritage of the home land and giving legitimacy, dignity and strength to their unions in which they were denied by the law. They saw it as it being blessed by “the almighty”.
jumping the broom, african american weddingsWith its recent increase in popularity in African-American weddings, jumping the broom has given brides and wedding planners alike another moment to make a lasting impression on their guest. “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and “Glee” actress Nene Leakes recently displayed this moment on her BRAVO wedding special “I Dream of Nene”. Actress Megan Good also paid homage to the tradition when she wed Rev.Devon Franklin in late 2012.
african american weddings, jumping the broom
In the modern days brooms were very simple, tied together with a piece of string or ribbon. Today’s bride has the options of rhinestones, pearls, tule, lace and diamonds to detail their custom brooms. One company that specializes in brooms is House of Grand’uer. Here, they allow brides to choose from an assortment of ethereal fabrics, gemstones, pearls, and other high quality embellishments to produce the perfect wedding broom that can be passed down through generations. The company also offers rental options to those who would like to incorporate the tradition into their nuptials but aren’t interested in the keepsake option. By jumping the broom couples are showing respect to those who came before them, who fought for the right and paved the way for African-American marriages to be recognized by law today. Therefore, it should be done in dignity, honor and with the up-most respect.

–Influenced by her heritage, creative director, Tiffiany Vaughn, founded House of Granduer, LLC to fulfill her intrinsic passion to create grand statement pieces of heirloom quality at affordable price scales for brides across the globe.Tiffiany’s design aesthetic marries modern sophistication with old world granduer. The self taught visionary has a unique flair for using ethereal fabrics and unique embellishments to create timeless keepsakes that will last for generations. Tiffiany grew up watching her mother’s creative ideas materialize and participated in many of her endeavors while carving out her own niche in design as well. Delusions of Grandeur is the companies first bridal accessory line to debut and will be sold at traditional brick & mortar shops and online.

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