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Macarons and more for your Sacramento wedding

Photos of those yummy looking macarons are in all the bridal magazines, and are available in every color, but have you ever tasted one? Or, more importantly, have you ever tasted one from a bakery that you could actually order them from for your wedding? Well, now you can simply stop by Little Bliss Cakery in Granite Bay and purchase […] Read more…

Choosing Your Wedding Floral

Choosing your wedding floral and décor will be one of the more difficult decisions you make while planning your wedding. When trying to choose your theme and colors- floral can have an influence on what you pick. Vibrantly colored floral can add huge impact to any rental space. Be sure to hire a highly regarded professional- a mistake is not something you can afford. Read more…

Designing Your Wedding

The décor that you choose for your wedding day will impact the overall look of the entire wedding. It will add style and glamour to the event and should also bring functionality for those attending. The best questions to ask yourself are what do you want the tone of the event to be? How can you bring these ideas to life for your guests? Read more…

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