Smart Start with Susan Southerland: Why “Off” Days are Good Days for Weddings!


Saturday evening is far and away the most popular time to have a wedding, but there are many good reasons to have a wedding Sunday through Friday. Here are some of my favorite reasons.

1. Discounts. A good wedding vendor knows he can get work on a Saturday night, so you probably won’t be able to negotiate any meaningful discounts or value-added services on Saturdays. If you plan your wedding on an alternative day, you could take advantage of some serious savings.

2. Spending more time with your guests. One of the nicest aspects of a wedding is that you reunite with loved ones you rarely get to spend time with. If you get married on a Thursday, you dispense with the formalities early. You can then choose to spend a relaxing time with your friends and family. This is especially true for a destination wedding. Plan the wedding mid-week and spend the rest of the time exploring your location with those who are near and dear. When the weekend ends, take off for a small honeymoon for just the two of you before you return to reality.

3. Less competition. Some venues and some vendors can book up far in advance of a popular Saturday evening date. If you choose an alternative date, you don’t have the pressure to plan early and you can take advantage of reason number one!

4. Celebrating a significant date. Some couples want to take their vows on a day of significance in their family, like their grandparents’ or parents’ anniversary. It can take years for that date to roll around on a Saturday. Having the wedding on a weekday eliminates all of the waiting.
If you decide to have a midweek wedding, expect some resistance. Some people will complain about having to take off work, and others may feel restrained if they have to work the next day. If having a mid-week wedding is important to you, stick to your decision and tell the naysayers to take a few days off and make celebrating your wedding into a mini vacation.

I’d love to hear why you think having a mid-week wedding is a great idea. I’d also like to hear if you think it’s a lousy idea! Post your thoughts below!


SusanSoutherlandGetting engaged is such an exciting time. However, the exhilaration of saying “I will” can quickly be replaced by the overwhelming concerns surrounding planning a wedding.

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