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Flash forward to your wedding day. Your wedding ceremony was flawless, the guests absolutely loved it. Everyone slowly makes their way to the reception space knowing it is only dinner and some sappy toasts between them and their time to shine: the dance floor. They are ready to put their egos and inhibitions aside to shovel out their dance moves they have been practicing in the mirror ever since they received your “save the date.” The DJ is all set up, ready to go. Now’s the time! The music starts to play… but wait! You hear the absolute corniest music known to man and your DJ is “raising the roof” (for those of you who do not know, that is a 90’s dance move.) The excitement flees the room as fast as a kid running from a clown, and crickets are now chirping. Your reception is officially lame.

Luckily for you, we are here to stop this epidemic of bad receptions. Feel free to call us the “Party Saver Brigade” after you read this article. Okay, that was a bad joke, but it’s still so crucial to find a DJ that is right for your reception and will get your party started. The DJ, or master of ceremonies, is an essential component when planning your wedding. Here is our list of “How to Pick the Right DJ.”

1. As I stated before, you want a disk jockey that will match the personalities of yourself and your guests. If you are twenty-four getting married, maybe an eighty year old DJ is not the best idea. He will probably be asleep by the time you cut your cake, along with your grandparents. Again, kidding. The best way to figure out whether your DJ is right for you, is to actually meet with them; maybe even strike up a conversation. Talk to them about what you are looking for, what kind of vibe you are trying to give off, and the types of music you listen to. A good DJ should take notes, find out what songs you absolutely do want, along with the songs you don’t. Which brings us to the next subject.

2. The disk jockey you meet with should provide a planning packet for the two of you to go over. This packet should contain the date and time you are reserving them, those songs you do and do not want, along with so much more. This is the time to sit down with your potential DJ, and let them know exactly what you want out of your disk jockey experience. Need extra equipment? This should also be provided in the packet. This document is also an agreement between the two parties showing that you have hired a DJ and they are reserved for your wedding.

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3. Make sure you inform your DJ of what you want/need before asking prices.  It is hard to give a price estimate when your DJ does not know what all you will need. Different requests will cost different amounts. That additional equipment may cost a little extra. So, your DJ is that good your guests aren’t ready to leave the party? Further fees you could come across include overtime. Extra fees that could be incurred should be discussed when you meet with your DJ.

4. Guaranteed your reception guests will have a favorite song, that they love to dance to. My personal favorite is some MJ, or better known, Michael Jackson (hee! hee!) When looking for a DJ, make sure they have an extensive music library. There is nothing worse than requesting your favorite jam, just to be denied musical greatness. This is something you can discuss/ask when meeting a potential DJ.

All in all, make sure your DJ is willing to spend the time needed for your wedding. This is your special day, and with all the planning and stress you’ve endured, you deserve to be able to let loose with your closest family members and friends. This is the time to celebrate being with your new husband and enjoy being the new  Mr. or Mrs. (insert name here). Now get yourself and your guests excited, wake up grandma, because you are ready to find that perfect DJ and make it a reception to remember.




Submitted by James Oneill

Owner/DJ/Musical Genius

Tagas Events and Production Services

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