Smart Start with Susan Southerland: What to Know About All-Inclusive Honeymoons

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If you look in the back of just about any bridal magazine, you’ll see an abundance of advertisements for all-inclusive honeymoon packages. For many couples, this can prove enticing. Imagine not having to spend all that time coordinating flights, picking hotels, worrying about land transportation, or trying to budget for food and excursions. Sure sounds nice, doesn’t it?

While there are many benefits to choosing an all-inclusive honeymoon package, it’s important to note that not every “all-inclusive” is the same. Here are four of the key things you’ll want to consider before booking:

1. Just what is included? All-inclusive packages have a broad interpretation of the term “inclusive.” Be sure to read the fine print so you know if things like all meals, alcoholic beverages, gratuities and taxes, and off-site excursions are included in your rate. There can also be up-charges for travel at certain times of the day or year, so don’t get caught off-guard there.

2. Is it really a good deal for us? Do you and your spouse drink alcoholic beverages? Do you actually take excursions? Are you foodies who plan to experience cuisine outside of what’s included in the resort’s buffet? If you don’t actually need or intend to make use of the items included in an inclusive honeymoon package, you might not be saving yourself any money. Make sure the package is right for your needs.

3. Will the resort environment suit us? Some all-inclusive resorts cater to families, some to retirees, and others to honeymooners and romantics. Some are targeted towards adventurous and active couples who love off-site activities, while others encourage relaxation and indulgence. Be sure you book somewhere that will make your honeymoon as special as you’ve always dreamed.

4. Am I going to get what I expect? Keep in mind that all companies put their best foot forward in their marketing and sales efforts. You’ll find the best pictures and testimonials on a resort’s collateral. Before you book, read reviews from other couples who have already experienced the package you’re considering. This is the best way to help you make a decision on what’s right for you.

The bottom line is that you should do your homework before booking an all-inclusive honeymoon. Only you and your future spouse know what will fit your vision and budget. Don’t get caught by surprise by any fine print, and trust real reviews as you make your decisions. If you do, you’ll both be able to kick back and relax as you celebrate your new life together!

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