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We’re suckers for a good proposal story, and Levy & Tiffany’s proposal story is one for the history books. Levy, a lifelong romantic, saw his dream girl while attending Michigan State’s game at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. They then crossed paths in Hot Springs and Indianapolis, and finally, almost a year later, they exchanged numbers at a conference in D.C. Tiffany and Levy dated long distance, from SoCal to Michigan, for 3.5 years. Skype dates, phone calls, 350,000 sky miles, and lots of missing each other is tough for hopeless romantics. Grab your tissues and see what happens next in this sweet story, courtesy of the team at Candlelight Films. . .

As told by Clint of Candlelight Films
Finding a date that would work with the schedules of thirty friends and family from all over the country, as well as keeping it a surprise, were the hardest parts of planning the proposal. Levy knew he wanted to plan something more amazing than anything Tiffany ever dreamed of. A big part of that was finding a video team that could capture the magic and emotion of the day and convey it in a film that looked like a scene from a movie. So, he flew in Candlelight Films (who he had contacted 17 months prior to the proposal day) and ended up with a video that resonated with romantics everywhere (2 million plays in 5 days!).

Tiffany, now a master’s student at University of Florida, thought she was visiting California to attend a military event for Levy’s father. Watch the video to see what happened instead!

The Perfect Proposal from CandleLight Films on Candlelight Films is a premiere Dallas wedding videography company that creates amazing wedding videos for couples around the world.

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