Smart Start with Susan Southerland: Should You Go Trendy or Traditional For Your Wedding?


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There are thousands of wedding magazines, TV shows, and blogs about weddings. While the ideas featured in all of these places can be helpful, they can also be overwhelming! Ideas range from the simple to the elaborate. It can be hard to decide where you fall in the spectrum.

To help simplify things, let’s place wedding services into two basic categories: trendy or traditional. Trendy weddings feature all of the hottest themes from today’s wedding industry, whereas traditional weddings follow standards set over generations. Trendy weddings will get your guests talking and make a memorable impression, whereas traditional weddings are timeless events that pay homage to our heritage and age well in photos and video.

So…which type of wedding should you have?

You should consider a trendy wedding if:
You enjoy living in the “now.”
You consider yourself a nonconformist.
You love keeping up with the hottest trends in all areas of your life.
You want your wedding to stand out from all the rest.

You should consider have a traditional wedding if:
Time-honored traditions play an important role in your life.
It’s a part of your religion and/or culture.
You don’t want to “date” your wedding with the trends from only this point in time.
You’re concerned about what your family and guests will think if you stray from tradition.

If you don’t fall clearly within one of these categories, you can always blend the two. You’ll likely find that your tastes stray closer to one than the other as you make your decisions. In the end, what will matter is that you went with what you love most!

Did you have a trendy or traditional wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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