Put a Ring On It: 5 Creative Proposal Ideas


When my husband decided to propose, he wanted to go outside the norm. He knew he was proposing to a wedding planner who had experienced (through other couples) thousands of engagement stories. It was a challenge to “wow” me, but he did an amazing job.

What he did was put together a scavenger hunt that began here in Orlando. The hunt involved friends at every stop, bearing clues that eventually led me to New York City. When I arrived, a private car took me over the Brooklyn Bridge to a park where my husband was waiting. I had mentioned to him that every time I go to NYC, my favorite thing to do is to walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn over the bridge to enjoy the spectacular view, so he arranged for me to experience that for our engagement. After such a thrilling proposal, I just had to say yes!

Proposals range from sweet to extravagant. With us in the heart of engagement season, I thought it would be fun to share some ways to get creative with your proposal. Here are just a few:

1. Stage a sentimental surprise. Think of places that have meaning to you. Do you both love the beach? Hire a biplane to fly over with a sign reading, “Will you marry me?” When your significant other sees the banner, drop to one knee. Is there a local park you both love? Hire a street performer to write a song about your love story and sing it while you propose.

2. Write it out. When you want to propose, there are many creative ways to spell it out. Fog up the bathroom mirror and write “Will you marry me?” in the condensation, then let it dry. The next time your significant other showers, wait until they see the message and then make your grand entrance. You could also write your proposal on separate sticky notes that you scatter around and lead them to with clues, or leave it spelled out in Scrabble tiles if you both love board games.

3. Serve it up. We’ve all heard the idea of putting a ring in a glass of champagne, but I’m the type of person who worries the ring will go unnoticed and end up getting swallowed. If you’re considering proposing over a meal, maybe have the ring placed in a special fortune cookie that’s served after the meal, or present your significant other with custom-made treats (with one removed to make space for the ring).

4. Take out an ad. If you know of a particular newspaper your significant other reads, considering proposing through a creative ad. If the budget permits, you could even rent a billboard and make your proposal known by everyone in the area!

5. Capture it on film. With the popularity of YouTube, marriage proposals have gone viral! If you and your significant other aren’t afraid of the limelight, consider something grand and significant, like arranging a flash mob dance or a staged scene with you and your closest friends and family members. Don’t forget to hire a videographer to capture it for posterity!

These are only a few creative ways to propose. Do you have a fun proposal story you can share with us? Please let us know in the comments!

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