Wellness Wednesday: Why You Might Love the Paleo Diet


Perhaps you’ve heard of or read an article on one the latest diet craze, the Paleolithic (or Paleo for short) diet. According to website ThePaleoDiet.com, the concept is based upon foods from all four food groups that mimic the diets of our pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors. If you’re shedding for the wedding, the Paleo diet might be right up your weightless alley.

For starters, it cuts out all processed foods (most of what you eat out at any given restaurant). It also concentrates on higher protein intake, while lowering your carbohydrate intake, with non-starchy fresh fruits and vegetables as the main carb source. Sounds like a winner? See below for a great infogrpahic via ThisMissBites.com that breaks it down in simple terms!

pale info

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