6 Cool Winter Tie Alternatives for the Dapper Groom


When it comes to your groom’s wardrobe, why settle for the cookie cutter look of black suit, white shirt, and solid colored tie? It’s your big day after all, so throw the rules out of the window and encourage him to show off his style! 

For tips on some fun, seasonal winter tie alternatives, we turned to men’s neckwear designer and founder of Bows-N-Ties Hendrik Pohl (who was recently a dapper groom himself). Here are 6 unique tie ideas for your Mr’s perfect winter wedding look:

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Wedding Tie 1:
Seasonal with Wool
Name: Wool Pencil Stripe in Navy
What linen and cotton is to summer, wool is to winter when it comes to men’s neckwear. While most wool ties are more casual looking than most silk ties, the streamlined design and classic color palette makes this tie an exception. It’s a fantastic piece to add to all dark wool and tweed suits.

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Wedding Tie 2:
Trendy in Knit
Name: Silk Knit in Rosewood
Knits are once again popular for men’s neckties. A trend that was first seen in the 1960s is once again one of the hippest tie designs. This rich rosewood red necktie pairs superbly with all your formal suits in dark navy, charcoal, and gray. Pair it with a sleek matte silver tie clip for a full effect.

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Wedding Tie 3:
Fun with Polka Dots
Name: Charcoal & Copper Polka Dots
Polka dots are a fun way to infuse some pattern into your groom’s ensemble. The charcoal background on this piece by BlackBird is decorated with copper orange dots. The fine silk and wool blend fabric is both formal as much as perfectly suited for the season. We love this tie when paired with a charcoal 3-piece suit and a dark orange boutonniere that plays off the copper-orange polka dots.

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Wedding Tie 4:
Elegant Floral Paisley
Name: Floral Paisley in Silver and Gray
A fantastic choice for a more formal dress code! The elegant color palette of grays and silver looks excellent in combination with dark charcoal and black suits or tuxes and a solid white shirt.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 12.23.51 PM

Wedding Tie 5:
Dapper Gentleman
Name: Waffle cone Textured Bow Tie
Certainly the most formal piece in this selection is this handsome self-tied bow tie, featuring a unique waffle cone texture woven from fine Italian silks. While a great piece for a classic tuxedo, we also recommend pairing this piece with a formal 3-piece wool suit in dark charcoal or black.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 12.25.00 PM

Wedding Tie 6:
Gingham Style
Name: Autumn Hued Wool Gingham
This stylish seasonal gingham plaid piece by designer Cantucci blends linen and wool in a single weave to create a unique fabric texture that is perfect for a winter ensemble. While great with most suit and shirt colors, we love this piece in combination with wool dress pants, white poplin shirt, and suspenders. You can also get it as a bow tie.

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