6 Pros and Cons to Renting Your Wedding Gown


wedding gown rental

Most brides look forward to shopping for a wedding gown. Sometimes, though, the reality of cost can outweigh that excitement. There are plenty of budget-friendly options when wedding gown shopping, including trunk shows, buying off-season, and frequenting discount stores.

One cost-effective option is renting a wedding gown. Since this isn’t an option many brides consider, I thought I’d explore the pros and cons of it. Here we go:

1. Cost. As indicated above, it’s generally much less expensive to rent a gown than it is to buy it. Most rentals run between $200 and $2,000, depending on the designer and style of the gown.

2. Storage. Once the wedding is over, all you have to do is return the gown to the store. No worrying about where you’ll find room in your closet or how you’ll be able to afford preservation.

3. Simplicity. For some brides, the gown just isn’t the most important part of the wedding. In their minds, it’s about the overall celebration and how everything comes together more than it is where the bride got her dress. Renting can help simplify things by keeping options narrowed down and within a set price point.

1. Availability. Not only will your options among gowns be more limited than if you bought one, but the number of places offering gown rentals is significantly less. Some smaller areas may not even offer this.

2. Ownership. The gown isn’t yours, so no matter how much you may love it, you won’t be able to keep it to possibly pass down to your family. Also, you won’t be allowed to alter or personalize the gown as you would one you owned.

3. Damages. If you accidentally damage the gown while you’re wearing it, you’ll have to cover the cost, sometimes up to the value of the gown.

While some brides can’t abide the thought of wearing a gown worn by another bride, others will appreciate the idea of a dress not going to waste with only one wear. Do what works best for you!

Let me know if you’re considering renting a wedding gown or if you have any other wedding-related questions. I’d love to hear from you!


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