Wedding Planning: 10 Mistakes Engaged Couples Make


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Getting engaged is so exciting! You and your future spouse are committing your lives to each other, and you want the world to know. To help make sure your engagement is a fun and successful time, there are some common mistakes that you’ll want to avoid.

Be careful not to:

1. Rush things. Perhaps the biggest mistake engaged couples make is not taking the time to enjoy their engagement. It may be tempting to launch right into setting a date and making plans, but don’t forget that this is the only time you get to be engaged. Enjoy it!

2. Announce the engagement on social media too soon. Your family and closest friends deserve to be told personally about your big news. Don’t immediately update your status to “engaged” until everyone important already knows.

3. Neglect to discuss money. We know that money is a sensitive subject, but it needs to be discussed early in the planning stages. Talk with each other as well as your families about what (if any) financial contributions will be made towards the wedding. Also, make sure anyone who contributes is clear about any expectations they may have on how the money is spent.

4. Allow outside pressure to influence your decisions. This day is about the two of you. Be careful not to allow opinions from family, friends, television, or social media to influence you in your choices. Stick with what makes you and your future spouse happy!

5. Forget to listen to each other. When planning such an important day, you need to communicate openly with your future spouse to make sure you’re both on the same page. You don’t want to start your married life off on the wrong foot because you didn’t listen to each other while planning the wedding.

6. Fail to insure the rings. Your engagement and wedding rings are investments. Get them appraised and insured.

7. Let wedding talk dominate your life. You don’t want to alienate your future spouse, family, friends, or coworkers by constantly talking about the wedding. Make sure you set aside time to spend with those you care about where you don’t discuss the wedding at all.

8. Neglect to educate yourself. Do your research before choosing your wedding venue, wedding vendors, wedding apparel, and everything else wedding-related. You don’t want to overspend or go into vendor interviews with unrealistic budgets, and you don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t mesh well with your personality or wedding vision.

9. Over-celebrate. If you spread yourself too thin with engagement parties, showers, stag and doe parties, etc., you may end up more stressed than happy. Try and keep the celebrations to a minimum so you can focus on finalizing your plans.

10. Make too many life changes at once. Another sure way to find yourself stressed throughout the wedding planning process is to make other big life changes at the same time. Changing jobs, buying a house, having a baby, or buying a new puppy are all wonderful life experiences, but they deserve your time and attention just as much as planning your wedding. There will be plenty of time after the big day to make those other changes.

Did you make any of these (or other) mistakes during your engagement? Please share your advice for other couples!

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