Beyond the Bouquet Toss


Most wedding traditions have a long (and sometimes strange) history, and many couples today are looking to include special moments in their wedding that have personal meaning as well as, or instead of, following tradition. As far as the bouquet toss…

First, let’s look at ‘Why We Toss Things’ at weddings.
The tradition of tossing the bouquet (and garter) date back to the 14th century. Any piece of the bride’s attire was considered lucky, so guests were eager to claim their own bit of good fortune. Overeager well-wishers would rush the bride to grab at her bouquet, so to protect themselves from a mauling, brides started preemptively tossing their bouquets to the crowd.

Today, the bouquet toss is considered to be a symbol of the bride casting off her last tie to single life, as well as a gesture of generosity – sharing her bounty of love and commitment. The one who catches the bouquet, as we all know, is supposed to be the next to marry.

To toss or not to toss.
Some brides can’t wait to toss the bouquet. However, if the traditional bouquet toss doesn’t work for you, but you’d still like to “share your bounty of love”, consider these variations:

  • Present the bouquet (privately or publicly) to a special friend or relative.
  • Order a breakaway bouquet, which dissolves into many smaller bouquets (or individual flowers) in midair, potentially sending multiple recipients to the altar.
  • Honor the woman who’s been married the longest by presenter her with the bouquet. One way to find this recipient is to have a “bouquet dance”, where all married couples are asked to step onto the dance floor. As the dancing continues, the emcee asks couples who’ve been married five years or less to leave the dance floor, then ten years, fifteen years, and so on, until the longest married couple is left.
  • Present the bouquet to the couple who’s getting married next.

If you do decide to toss a bouquet, ask your florist for a “tossing bouquet” – some will even include one gratis, as they’re smaller, and less expensive than the actual bridal bouquet.

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