Ways to Involve Your Children in Your Vow Renewal


vow renewal, kids at renewalsRenewing wedding vows is such a wonderful way for couples to remind each other how much they mean to each other and to commit themselves to each other again. It’s also a way to acknowledge what you’ve accomplished together as a couple and to declare what you hope to accomplish together in the future. One of the ways many couples do this is by including their children in their renewal ceremony.

Here are some of our favorite ways to include your children in your vow renewal:

    1. Have a sand unity ceremony. Allow your children to choose sand in their favorite color and buy a beautiful glass vessel. During the ceremony, each of you will take turns pouring some of your colored sand into the vessel, which you will keep as a memento after the ceremony. There are many other unity ceremonies, as well. Choose one that suits all of you.
    2. Have them stand up with you. Rather than a traditional wedding party, ask your children to serve as your wedding attendants. They’ll love playing such an important role in your special day!
    3. Present them each with a gift. During the ceremony, have the officiant work in a part where you present each child with a gift, such as a necklace or ring, to symbolize your unity as a family.
    4. Invite them to declare vows. There’s no rule that states you and your spouse are the only ones who can exchange vows at your renewal. Ask your children if they’d like to write and recite vows, as well.
    5. Play to their strengths and interests. Do your children enjoy reading, performing, or playing music? Invite them to read a touching passage, play a song during the ceremony, or even officiate the ceremony if they’re old enough and enjoy the limelight.

Even if your children don’t enjoy the attention and don’t wish to participate in the ceremony, just asking them is a lovely touch that they’ll be sure to remember. Are you having a vow renewal? Let us know how you included your children by leaving a comment!

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